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XB1 Round 10 - Brazilian Grand Prix [23/06/19 8:00pm UK]

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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Aug 18, 2018
It's my end in AOR with this shitty race, pedals were fucked up all the race, causes big lockup, all my apologizes to each on I hit but ... Still too much contact and ... a braketest from nowhere finished the work.
the 'brake test' was desync


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Jan 14, 2014
Could somebody pm me a screen shot 9f the standings as they are please, can't do it on my phone

IS Daigoro

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Aug 21, 2017
the 'brake test' was desync
I understand that desync is nobodys fault and that's why I didn't blame you but at each race there's something who kills my race. I pretty proud of what I achieved with this 1st season without ABS but ... that's not enough for me and I know it's not only my fault so it's more frustrating than anything else xD

And congrats to @LC SPEED DEMON for the title, it's been a tough battle to get a title which was lost at the 4th race for you, you had a strong season and you deserve it mate.


Formula 3 Test Driver
Aug 23, 2017
Sorry i couldn't make this and didn't let you know it time. I was on holiday and the wi-fi was awful so couldn't get on to let you know.

Congrats to @LC SPEED DEMON by the looks of things, you've had a really good season and can't really remember when you've been poor :p

Thanks to everyone who hosted, raced this season, its been fun, but my form suffered due to final year of uni. Hopefully race some of you again on the new game :)
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