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PC Round 10 - British Grand Prix [16/12/18 8:00pm]

Steve Jackson

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Jan 14, 2014
Agreed @Steve Jackson i have never had any connection problem in the AOR European leagues since I joined in S13 even with streaming. I have streamed league races in the past at 1080p, but found out that is not possible in F1 2018. When I stream in 1080p now I get choppy gameplay. When I stream at 720p on Twitch it is just fine. I don’t think anyone has had any problems with my connection.
I was just going to add that I have never had any issues when racing you and I am confident of going wheel to wheel. But the fact that you have changed something as the game was affecting the rig's performance demonstrates you have the correct attitude to going racing. Anything that might impact negatively on the experience for others is as much a concern as something that affects your experience.