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XB1 Round 11 - Austrian Grand Prix [01/07/18 - 8:00pm UK]


Formula 4 2nd Driver
May 9, 2018
Qualifying 2nd - 9/10 - Set my fastest lap on my first run, was up two tenths on my second run but bottled the final corner. Overall though very happy with that.

Race 6th (3rd + penalties) - 7/10 - Messed up in qualifying, didn't check the weather so had a dry setup for the race - although I don't know if it really makes much difference anyway!

Overtaken by a few cars at the start, it was pretty much a race long battle on and off with @Jott3r , which was great fun and clean and fair throughout!

Penalties cost me the podium finish, disappointed with my carelessness today in the final corner, probably every warning was in that one!

@Josh Emmins was in a class of his own today, congrats on this amazing season and a 4th win in a row!

Also congrats to @Rob | PePsii for 2nd and hosting at late notice, much appreciated!

And to @Jott3r for his 1st? podium!

First podium indeed laddo! Appreciate your words mate ?


Semi-Pro Karter
Apr 4, 2018
Don’t know what is happening with my internet at moment. It’s completely fine in other multiplayer races and other games so don’t really know what is going on.