XB1 Round 11 - Austrian Grand Prix [22/11/2020 8:00pm UK]


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Qualy: was Okay at first, but never managed to greatly improve and move up, was so close at the front
Race: before the lights even went out, Jordan and Statto’s races were ruined, and I also saw that Troy had problems, so going out of turn to LC speed demon made contact with Troy and suddenly I was in a position to win the race. Also an sc, where after statto bins it in the wall. Jordan starts pulling away but with a drive through, and then bartaaron starts battling with me. Another vsc comes out but I decide not to pit. I end up putting few laps later and he’s jumped me while I have to make my way through the field. Another vsc comes out, and as it was ending, I noticed my delta was +1.3 secs. So I go, but as i go green it gives me a drive through. I end up gaining a few positions from spins of bartaaron and Troyfmcg and then I have to pass Hughesy for 2nd but I had a 3sec penalty and really made me sweat those last few laps


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Right let me clarify something, I can now invite anyone back into the race, not sure if this is because the update or because I was doing it wrong before but from now on if you disconnect send me a message (don't spam) and I'll get you in asap.
@SoggyCabbages I can't be bothered to report your dodgy antics, I'm just gonna trust that you give us some respect on track. Your a decent driver I know you can be better.