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PC Round 11 - Belgian Grand Prix [9/07/2017 - 8:00pm UK time]


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May 24, 2017
The start was quite good on soft, I was 14th after turn 1 and coming out from that corner I was hit strongly on the right side by @ChineseWiener (I did not understand why man, there was no reason for that and I almost lost the car..) anyway after that I managed to do a safe and good first lap,
For what its worth, i reported him for his incident with me off the line and then 10 seconds later he collides with you, its all on the clip i've provided. to be honest it looks like he was trying to avoid a car that was crashing into the wall but his avoiding manuvre was very over the top and collided with you,

eitherway Stewards awarding him 12.5 points, hopefully this is the a good lesson and we can continue to race fairly going forward @ChineseWiener (y)
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