PS4 - Round 11 - Hungarian Grand Prix [07/01/18 8:00pm] |

PS4 Round 11 - Hungarian Grand Prix [07/01/18 8:00pm]


S14 AOR PS4 F1 Champion
Apr 1, 2016
Race replay:
Happy for 18 points, but I think there was a chance to fight for the win. Stupid penalty and had to serve it in the pits, which cost me atleast 6secs. Had a setup ideal for overtakes. Ofcourse it slowed the pace down a bit, but not too much. I am so much more confident with good straight line speed. Especially in first few laps.
The lag at turn 2 into turn 3 on lap 1 :banghead:


F1 1st Driver
Jun 7, 2015
Well done bro first of many victory's for you! I watched most of the race and your pace was on another level. You smashed it! (y)
Cheers man, been waiting for it for so long, knowing that I had the pace for so long but couldn’t get a win was adding so much pressure before every race.