PS4 - Round 11 - Hungarian Grand Prix [07/01/2018 8:00PM] |

PS4 Round 11 - Hungarian Grand Prix [07/01/2018 8:00PM]


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Mar 13, 2017
Qualifying: P8
A decent lap to start with but I had lots of time to find. Cut a corner in the first sector of my out-lap for my second run which the game of course decides it must invalidate the next lap for and didn't have the fuel to go for another. P8 is fine though.

Race: DNF
Decided to abandon the idea of taking T1 with any speed as I had just been traumatised by watching the murder of @KaneIyanda at the hands of @Rabid_Donkey96 before my very eyes. Meant I dropped to P9. Followed behind the ghosted @DON SILVA and @Tigerkart_22 fora lap which made for very confusing racing. Got past @ii_Deccaaaaa_ii with a decent move round the outside at T1 on lap 4. He span out though so I'm guessing it lagged for him.

Now in P7 and alone, I just decided to be as consistent as possible, which for this race was all you really needed because people were being lagged off the track like no tomorrow. Found myself in P5 by lap 6 due to a crashed out @MattDavies2511 who made quick work of me nonetheless. Pitted on lap 14 from the lead I had inherited due to everyone else ahead of me pitting and came out 7th. Caught up with the Soft starters @Tigerkart_22 and @ColonelGaddafi quite quickly but just waited behind them until they pitted so as to avoid any potential lag incident. By lap 20 I was in 5th again.

For some reason I started making really stupid mistakes, just missing apex's like crazy, and @Roadhouse caught me very quickly. Lap 22, @MattDavies2511 joined our two man train after spinning out ahead of us (he'll say it was lag but we all know it was his inferior abilities). However this allowed @Roadhouse through and I found myself in 6th.

Lap 23. It happened. Never have I been victim to such an injustice in all my days on this Earth. @JohnnyR95 joins our three man battle in the long right-hander that follows the super quick left turn. Promotes me back up to 5th... for about 10 seconds. I take the chicane beautifully, but someone appears to place a springboard on the apex of the left turn part of it, propelling me through the air and into the barrier, removing my wheel, ending my race.
You can find the incident below as well as my brutal crash in qualifying that gave me terminal damage.

that's probably one of the unluckiest but also funniest things I've ever seen
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May 7, 2017
It’s calm @Rabid_Donkey96, just so you know I haven’t reported anything as it’s just one of those things. Onto the next one I guess