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XB1 Round 12 - Hungarian Grand Prix [17/11/19 20:00UK]


GP2 Test Driver
Sep 2, 2019
What happened? Did anyone else dsc? I was 2nd! Bergregnumyrthneferstnhrmiyttbrsmuyrgsrbmuyrfsgbhmgr
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x EkKU x

Formula 3 Test Driver
Feb 12, 2018
What a race :rolleyes: i was dsq because i was driving the wrong way when i spin and try to turn my car safely....

Zsolt Porcsalmi

Formula 4 2nd Driver
Dec 31, 2018
I am happy that I have finished my first rainy race without TC and ABS, I don't care that I finished 8th but the last one !!!

I was not able to qualify and thanks Chatalp01 that you have ruined my race in the 5th lap.

What you have done in the middle of the Track without wing and you have driven with 50 KMH ??? WHY ?? if you saw that I am behind you? why don't you let me through?
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Formula 3 Test Driver
Aug 21, 2019
I spend hours in this s*** to you to f*** it all in 1,4 seconds
I'm sorry but I had no chance in that, I had an amazing start so I go into the middle between you and kiko, then someone spun me out of no where. As a spun I clipped you and sent you into the barrier. I'm sorry but I literally did nothing wrong it was a Racing incident.


Formula 3 Test Driver
Aug 21, 2019
@SoggyCabbages I'm not to pissed as I only lost 1 valuable position that I need in the championship :/ but I'm just saying man if you are going into a defensive line and they go round your outside you can't just turn into their line. It made me lose my front wing and overall lost me 3rd.


Pro Karter
Sep 9, 2019
congrats @Bernie nice Race from you! I was to early on the Full-Wet I thought it would rain a bit more in the begining as it was shown in Quali, so I had to change my tyres again to inters...
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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Aug 27, 2017
What are you thinking guys?

Now i know why you were going so slow in that corner

Had a few good battles with you, enjoyed that.

Glad to just finish a race tbh made i think 3 stupid mistakes in a row to DNF the last 3, so glad to complete a race. Need to practice though, 2 or 3 TT laps before the race not enough to compete with most of you guys
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