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PC Round 12 - Italian Grand Prix [23/07/2017 8:00 pm]

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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Sep 23, 2016
Couldn't set a faster lap in quali due to @Nukka occupying the entire Red Bull pit lane..

Come race, very unoptimistic, lost half my wing when @F.Donoso decided he wanted to nip up the inside and took that off, continued on, obviously wounded and then d*ckpunched into a wall by @fugotaro .. no wing, so last by end of lap 2 (@fugotaro left).

Carried on, hoping to salvage something, forgot to select harder option so only one set of Mediums.. pitted lap 13/14 for Softs, decided to go to the end, very very worn and close to a puncture and managed P9 in the end, not bad considering I was P17.
Sorry I locked up my tires and tried everything to avoid you.


1-time AOR PC Split 2 Champion
Oct 10, 2014
@Maffus check the white line that is under your car, before you start brake you go abit right, then under breaking you go left, pretty clear.
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1-time AOR PC Split 2 Champion
Oct 10, 2014
Didnt have any expectations for this one really. Not much practice and a track i hate, but points needed so. :)
Q: Got a decent bankerlap which allowed me to try and push on my limit in the 2nd run, made a mistake and lost a couple of tenths. And as we all know by now, 3 tenths can be the difference of like 10 positions in this split :)

Anyway, started on P11, so not that bad, allowed me to choose strategy and the choice fell on S Ss S.

Race: had a pretty good one, got through the first laps without damage which was a relief. Alot of traffic and battling midfield and pretty much impossible to break free even if pace is better. I ended up battleing @Deevstappen for a long time, and honestly, what were you doing towards second chicane on lap 5? Blocking me all the way. I think we lost alot of time to the guys infront due to the constant swapping positions,not ideal, but its racing.

Towards the end of the race i kinda breaked free and started catching people infront. Sadly as seen above, me and @Maffus had an incident on the last lap. Obviously bummed with missing the points, but happy with the race itself as it felt good being able to compete more than in quali where im weak as usual. Onto the next one! Congrats to @Slickk!


Formula Karter
Aug 13, 2016
Sorry @ramdrop for what happened yesterday, I clipped the grass and spun into you. Also I kinda gave myself a penalty for that as I was speeding in the pitlane while getting a new front wing.


2-time AOR PC Split 1 Champion
Jun 22, 2015
Qualified in P3, which was decent, but once again I couldn't hook up a perfect lap. P2 would've been possible with a better run, but qualifying has been my weakness so far this season.

I got away well at the start and got past my good buddy Fehler into T1. Streez outbraked himself, but he was absolutely fair afterwards by letting me past, so no hard feelings there. We swapped the lead a few times in the first 4 laps which was good fun. Streez pitted on lap 4, I decided to stay out one more lap. When I got into the pits, two cars remained close behind which resulted in my pitcrew having to hold me for more than 4 seconds before releasing me out of the pits. I lost a place to Streez, but not by much, which means that with a normal 2 or 2,5 second stop I probably would have got out just ahead of him.

Anyway, now that I was on the quicker tyre I got closer and closer to Streez. We battled for a few laps until I pitted for the second time on lap 16. Instead of putting mediums on, I risked going for softs again, knowing that it would be tight in terms of tyre wear as these tyres had 6% wear already because of my run in quali. I ended up between my teammate Slick and Streez, who was pushing like crazy. Knowing that I had half a lap of extra fuel and no penalty, I took it easy, just trying to stay close to Streez. Slick didn't put up much of a fight and we both got past him easily. Streez then tried to break away but I had everything under control, knowing I had to finish less than 3 seconds behind him. It was looking good for a double podium and a 1-3 for Mercedes, when I lost my connection all of a sudden. I couldn't come back online for like 10 mins, which was extra frustrating.

To say that I was disappointed would be nowhere near enough to explain how I felt, but that's racing. I do feel like yesterday's result was a bit of Karma because I should've been penalized for taking RBK out in Spa and I wasn't penalized at all back then. With Ycoms missing the next two races there's still a good chance for me to take the WDC, although I'd prefer him to take part in the three remaining races and I'd prefer to beat him on track, rather than off the track. I disagree with anyone who says that this will be an easy run for me from now on though. As we've seen yesterday, anything can happen and it usually does. I could've been 23 pts up, I'm now 4 pts down. With Japan being my favourite circuit on the calendar, I'm looking forward to yet another exciting race, but the pressure is up, because I want to avoid this WDC going down to the wire.

Congratulations to the guys on the podium, see you in a few days.
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Formula 3 2nd Driver
Feb 12, 2017
Well well well, where do I start.

Qualifying was a nightmare, screwed up all 4 of my laps at the second chicane and ended up P13, my worst result since Spain.

In the race itself, I got 2 small touches after T2 which made me car unstable and dropped me to P17, but I did a good job at avoiding all the mayhem ahead while not really pushing. On about lap 6 while battling with Nukka, I noticed my tire wear wasn't actually that bad, and since I didn't have any more fresh sets of softs or supersofts, I decided to go for the 1 stop. On lap 10, I took the risk of continuing for one more lap despite my softs being at over 70% and thankfully didn't get a puncture. Since I had to do 16 laps on the mediums, I drove conservatively since the beginning of the stint, knowing I would still emerge in the net lead. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with Berghe and StreeZ, so after they got past me, I just concentrated on keeping the gap to the cars behind. After Berghe unfortunately suffered from a disconnect, I had the mindset of P2 being secured, so I just cruised to the end.

When the timing screen popped up and showed me in first, I was surprised, since I didn't know StreeZ had penalties. Since it's likely he will get one of them removed, I'm not fully confident saying I did win the race, but I might as well enjoy it for now, since either P1 or P2 is an insane result :)
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Formula 3 2nd Driver
Feb 8, 2014
When you remember you said eau rouge instead of Ascari when someone made a overtake there in the race :bag::hilarious:


Premium Member
Premium Member
Jul 24, 2017
When you remember you said eau rouge instead of Ascari when someone made a overtake there in the race :bag::hilarious:
I actually thought I misheard you saying it, until you corrected yourself.
Awesome stream though!

Been following on Youtube for a while now, but this was my first live broadcast. Looking forward to more of those!
(Loved how you beat Marco to 19th as well ;-) )


Double AOR iRacing GTE Champion
Mar 4, 2015
At this point I could slap myself for taking this race as unserious and sarcastic as it's even possible. Obviously with limited sleep and with having done about 8 hours of racing in the previous 24hrs on a completely different "game" it isn't easy to come back to race around a track that you don't like. Nevertheless, if I look at the result it's ridiculous.

Fisi and me weren't exactly sure what the best strat was, but since we were expecting to be off the pace anyway we decided to go for the 1 stop. Hence I needed a good quali. The lap was scrappy, not only because of Ascari, but in general not really brilliant. P6 was a very good starting spot though.

Tried to take it easy, but the kerb at Lesmo 2 didn't have any of it on L2. Should have lost a wheel, but for some reason didn't. Then I tried to break after 100 meters in Ascari, that was brilliant as well.
And now, the absolute meltdown: Even though I didn't have damage, but only dropped outside of the top 10 I decided to pit to do 2 medium stints because I thought I'd get back those 20 seconds because I'd definitely lose that time in traffic in the next upcoming 8 laps, because softs with 20% wear and a fresh medium set is definitely 20 seconds slower than 2 fresh medium stints. I know, I'm a genius. :p

To top it, I got stuck in a group of cars in the second stint in which everyone had slipstream except me, so I was weaving on some straights for some laps because why not.
The final stint was a little more serious again with gaining back some positions (had slipstream on at least some cars) and surprisingly fending off the softs runners behind with mediums and front wing damage for the final 5 laps.

Not sure how I or Fisi even scored points tbh. I also overtook @XLNC_Afro at least 6 times that race since he was deploying ghost cars who'd go 150 kph down the main straight, so that was funny as well. Also @F.Donoso lagged back 2 car lengths once which made me scream. :p

Huge congrats to @Slickk on the win (maybe)!

Again, will miss the next 2 races. Definitely wish @BergheVonTrips the best of luck, wouldn't be deserved if he suddenly starts to get horrible races, even if it might potentially be great for the excitement.
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F1 Coordinator
Staff member
F1 Coordinator
Jan 24, 2017
My quali lap was pretty good, I knew I could improve if I get it perfect in my second lap, but I bottled it. P2 is my best Q result so far, I couldn't be happier with my qualifying. Well, I could but who am I to say I want pole position :D

As a Mark Webber fan it was obvious that I had a bad start I guess?! :angelic:
I was very cautious into turn 1 which cost me some positions, so it was P5 after the first chicane. I was able to pass @maxafc46 while @Qélon overtook both of us after Ascari. Then we had a very scary moment (too many cars too close together) in the braking zone for turn 1, I was glad that I survived that. @PAPA SOKRATIS missed turn 1 in front of me which is why I was able to pass him around the outside into the second chicane.

I pitted in lap 5 for Softs (the plan was SS-S-S) and rejoined the track in P9. @RBK looked very very quick, but he had the slipstream glitch so it was nearly impossible for him to pass me on the main straight even with DRS activated. :whistle: In lap 11 @FisiFan91 saved me from an attack of @RBK , but a lap later he passed me into Ascari. I had to pit in lap 15 and I wanted to play it safe as I had almost 80% on my worst tyre, so I decided to go for plan B - mediums.
I jumped @RBK during the pitstops and hoped to stay in front of him for the rest of the race, but he was quicker and deserved to get me in the end. (y)
@PAPA SOKRATIS also got me on the main straight, I hunted him down by the end of the race, but the race was not long enough to steal P4 from him. Maybe I should have pitted one lap earlier, who knows.

P5 is a great result for me, even after starting from P2 I can't be disappointed. :happy:
My pace is just not good enough to get a foot on the podium.
What really annoyed me was the amount of penaltys that I got. :grumpy:

Congratulations to @Slickk for a brilliant performance!



AOR Founder & League Admin
Staff member
AOR Admin
Jan 12, 2014
Well, that was definitely one of the most absurd races I've been part of.

Having come off the back of a 24hr race on iRacing, I was quite tired, and somehow forgot to load a setup before I went out on track in qualy. Whoops.

At the end of qualy I did a lap that felt pretty good (setup considered), but I was 17th on the grid...

Had literally 0 hope of scoring any points in this race given this situation, so I just took it super cautiously into into turn 1 to make sure I kept my front wing intact, and then drove around at the back just trying to keep as close to the pack as possible. Saw some interesting things in the first few laps, most notably @fugotaro flying in the air at Lesmo 1, and @Andrei Codreanu losing his front wing for no apparent reason through Ascari. o_O

After all the SS starters had pitted, I was up in 4th place on my mediums, but the net front-runners quickly caught me up and then flew past me on the straights as if I was not even there (nice 6-6 wings).

After making my one stop onto the softs, I was actually still in the top 10 though, so I just kept driving along, minding my own business, until around 5-6 laps from the end when @F.Donoso, @Ycoms (who had been behind me all that time thanks to his incredible strategy) and @Maffus flew past, and @Nukka a bit later.

Luckily for me, all of those were battling like crazy which meant I was kinda able to keep up, and then after @F.Donoso & @Nukka flew off the track ahead of me in separate incidents, suddenly on the final lap I found myself in a battle for 7th with @Maffus & @Deevstappen! Ended up side by side with @Maffus into the 2nd chicane, lost out on that and had to get a bit forceful with @Deevstappen who got a much better exit - squeezed him a little bit more than intended, but I think it was just about fair. Then at the final corner, @Maffus was understeering a lot which gave me a run on the exit and I managed to get the position right on the line by 0.065s! :wtf:

So yeahhhhh. Felt like I was driving a wheelchair during that race, so to come away with 7th was... ehhh... yeah, unexpected :p