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PC Round 13 - Japanese Grand Prix [30/07/17 - 8:00pm]


Formula 4 Reserve Driver
Sep 29, 2015
I wanna apologize to thompson, i hit him off twice. In my defense, this game is bullshit and the one in the race wasnt close to happening ln my screen. So tired of this happening. Sorry Thompson.
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Formula Karter
Jul 1, 2017
Pretty tough race for me, start at 9th, i was the witness of the touch between @Thompson and @Mackisdoodle then mackis brake early entering spoon and i broke a little part of my right front wing.
Replacing it after 9 laps in Soft, i took the Hard tyres and lose 5s.
I was pressed by the people behind me and i had some good battles too.
They push me to the mistakes all times ;-) that was perfect, very close close battles.
I dont make a lot of cut corners most of the time but that time with the pressure, that was hard for me and
i took 3s.
I finish 4th at 7.1s behind the leader and coming back to the head.

Great race guys, great race Kremaa!