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PC Round 13 - Japanese Grand Prix [30/07/2017 08:00PM]

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Formula 3 2nd Driver
Jan 22, 2017
Really sorry @Caffa and anyone else I inconvenienced off the start, I'll upload my view of it in a moment.

I've left the game running so I don't cause any more grief through disconnecting from the race.

Good luck everyone


S13 AOR PC Split 4 Champion
Mar 25, 2017
Really sorry @Caffa and anyone else I inconvenienced off the start, I'll upload my view of it in a moment.

I've left the game running so I don't cause any more grief through disconnecting from the race.

Good luck everyone
dont worry mate, it was out of your control

good fight back race and pitted for some quali laps at the end lmao lots of fun love u all goodnight goodday good evening lads

Neil Bywater

Premium Member
Premium Member
Jan 20, 2014
Well done to all the podium places

Last again after first lap indiscretion at the first Degner 1, sorry @MAGNUSSEN slow much more that I expected clipping your rear end.

S1 M13 H

Some good racing with @Ronnin1978 in the middle

And then with @Putttee for last few laps, you softs just better than my worn hards


S13 AOR PC Split 4 Champion
Mar 25, 2017
I think I deserve a penalty bcus I sped in the pit lane but the game didn't clock it, add 10 seconds to my time :)
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Formula 3 Reserve Driver
Sep 11, 2016
Had a good qually and got a ok time on mediums and was planning on going out on soft but realized that I had to take care of some business before the race.

Race went really good and was up there for a bit. Was contemplating if I would survive a 1 stop but didnt dare to risk it so pitted a few 5 laps or so before the end and came out behind @Neil Bywater and catched up fast and tried to pass him but didnt wanna risk it too much. Then a mistake open the door and was gunning it for @Jay but it wasnt fast enough. Also had a close fight with @Red17G and had some really tight racing there.


Formula 3 1st Driver
Apr 14, 2017
Qually: Could be better but very happy with P9.

Race: Crashed at the end of the S's and I thought I didn't take anyone out but I did, I am very sorry @Ronnin1978
Then at the end of lap 1 I had an incident in the chicane, @Smu3l3y made a mistake so I went for the move but didn't spot the braking point in time so I am very sorry for that :(
I had a yellow front wing because of the crash in lap 1 so I went in the pit at lap 4 and got a drive through :(
So I took the drive through straight away and was at the back. After that I was catching Smu3l3y and had a battle with him but because of the incidents I was very careful and couldn't overtake him I went a bit to close in the hairpin so got another yellow wing because of my own mistake. Thyen He made a mistake T1 and overtook him but I went into the pit same lap for another set of softs. Then went on till lap 13 and got the hards and was faster then the guys behind me but around the pace of @ChriStoffel about 3 seconds away from him for about 7 laps but he made a mistake somewhere I guess which meant I was closing in on him alot. Then we had to let dragonbone past and I did that alot smarter so I won alot of time on Christoffel which meant I was on his gearbox but he broke a bit earlier then expected so I got another yellow wing but that was my fault. I still got past him in the 25th lap with alot of fighting and then I was just trying to keep him behind me which was pretty hard, I had a penalty so it didn't really matter but it still felt great :p I finished p13 but got set back to P14

So thanks too @ChriStoffel for the fight it was very fun!
And sorry to @Smu3l3y and @Ronnin1978 I dont have any footage so if you want to go to the stewards I can't give you that unfortunatly.

And Congrats to the podium finishers!

Mr. Biggles

Formula 4 2nd Driver
Mar 25, 2017
Qualifying: P4 - Fair result
Did a decent banker on softs, knew i was slow in the final 2 sectors so it could be improved.
2nd run of mediums i was half a second down on the first sector then made it all up on the 2nd sector but went deep into the final chicane and lost any chance i had to beating my banker.
Final run i was 6 tenths down in the first sector then 2 tenths up at end of 2nd sector but binned it in the wall on the run to the line.

Race: 2nd - Soft(lap 6)/Hard(lap 18)/Medium(End)
Start - Because of @Aladar and @Caffa crash i got to P2 with a bit of pressure from @MAGNUSSEN around the outside at turn 1 but i just managed to hold on. I knew it was hard to overtake at the S section so i went slow to keep it tidy and make sure i didnt go off or spin as i have done in the social race/career mode. Went deep into hairpin to make sure i wasnt hit by anybody dive bombing/locking their breaks and when i looked back behind me after leaving the hairpin i saw cars all over the place so i would love to know what happened.
@dragonbone81 was far to quick than me, lapping 1 sec faster each lap on average.
Pit on lap 6 and came out behind @Red17G and enjoyed following him for the lap, got past on the pit straight with a better exit + DRS.
Lap 9 i caught and past @Putttee in the hair pin (to be fair he kinda let me past)
Nothing much happened until lap 17 where @dragonbone81 came out the pits directly behind me so i thought i would try hold him behind me for the next 2 laps until i pit where i managed to.
Pit on lap 18 and came out 20 secs to @dragonbone81 and 15 seconds to the car behind so it was all just making sure i didnt make a mistake.
Scary moment on penultimate lap at the final chicane where @MAGNUSSEN was spun out, he didnt look ghosted to me so swerved to avoid it but i ghosted at the last second so even though it looked like i clipped him i was safe. (heart skipped a beat there)

Overall Super pleased with the result.
Glad to get 100 points now, Next up beating @MAGNUSSEN
Congrats to the podium finishers 1st: @dragonbone81 (again) 2nd: ME 3rd: @Caffa

Congratulations @Caffa for securing the Split 4 Championship!


Premium Member
Premium Member
Jan 14, 2014
I seem to be having a habit of not expecting anything, getting a good result and still being disappointed :p

Qualy: P13
Had no practice before the race, and no set-up either. So picked a random setup from the Workshop and hoped for the best.
P13 wasn't too bad, felt like a point or 2 were definitely possible.

Race: P4
Started on the Hards, and was thinking about stretching them for as long as possible. Which did me absolute wonders.
Took it slow the first couple of laps; didn't really know the grip levels of the hard tyres (or really any tyre) and didn't want to get into any trouble. The first couple of laps I was in the back of the top 10, and would've been happy with that result, at that time.
Was able to keep up with everyone on the Softs & Mediums pretty well, which took me by surprise. Considering I was fuel saving a bit aswell.

On Lap 12 I found myself driving around in a podium place; I was in P3 when I finally made my pitstop on L17 aswell. My tyres at this point were in pretty good shape still (around 60%) and I was still able to do the same kind of laptimes as the laps before. Coming out of the pits, I was in P6 and I knew that that was pretty much gonna be the worst result I was gonna get, because @Jay behind me was on older hard tyres, and quite a few seconds back.

Lap 20, I was behind @Putttee on older hards. i was expecting him to do a 1-stop aswell, so I was pushing quite a bit. But on L22 when I was pretty much right behind him, he made a dive into the pits.
Realised 4th was the best I could do at this point, @Caffa ahead was quite far ahead and he's just faster. But L23 he went for a new sets of Softs. I had about a 10s lead on him, with 4 laps to go. Knew it was gonna be difficult, but not impossible.
Until I cocked it again, started pushing a bit too hard and got 2 track limits warnings in 2 laps. Combine that with the one I got earlier in the race and ta-daa: 3 second penalty. So now I not only had to hold Caffa behind on my worn Mediums vs his newer softs. I also had to have a 3 second gap between us if I wanted to get that (long overdue) podium!

In the end, I kept him behind (but only just, like just just) but dropped behind him because of my penalty. :(

So with 3 rounds to go, and one of my favourite and best tracks yet to come. I reeaallly hope I can get atleast a podium this season.

Congrats to @dragonbone81 on your first win this season! Absolutely dominant race from you.
Congrats to @Mr. Biggles on another podium as well.

And of course, congrats to @Caffa on a P3 ánd the Season 13 Split 4 Championship!

Steve Jackson

AOR Legend
Premium Member
Jan 14, 2014

Went tentatively on M for a 1:37.5 trying not to show my hand, but as the session wore on and the times fell, I had to risk the S, improved a second, knew low 1:36 was about my lot so hoped for either sticking in P7 or dropping to P11. It worked out well with the latter.

R: 5th S,H,H (6,16)

Almost started on the M but stuck with what I knew, @Neil Bywater and me stacked in the pit in last night's social on L6 so wanted to avoid that. I knew our pace was similar but I had incidents last night. It's just the way this track goes, tonight I was lucky to avoid the carnage.

@Putttee has been faster than me all week, so I was glad he showed up for the challenge! He started behind me on M so I figured S would give me an early pace advantage I had to exploit. Opening laps went well and Neil had his incident which cleared the way for the stop whenever I wanted but I maybe should have pitted L5 as I overdrove the lap and lost a couple of seconds.

Balance was good on the H and it was a lot of clean air following @Kevviee07 and @Caffa was behind me for so long and I maintained the gap until he unleashed something and went for it in the middle stint. I had no answer and he came flying past, I was thankful to let him through as my H tyres were losing a lot of grip to the end of the stint.

Once he came past I thought I was racing @TheVerenzak but he never pitted! @Caffa was in and out on S to the end and setting fast lap after fast lap. With about 5 or 6 to go I had settled into a rhythm until I saw @Neil about 10 seconds back which he closed to about 6 but then he was battling with @Putttee who eventually got past.

This kind of kept the gap and I knew I'd been very clean all race save a couple of traction events where it got a bit squirrely so I kind of prayed there would be a penalty ahead.

Not to be, so I brought it home in what turned out to be a fairly comfortable 5th.
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