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PC Round 13 - Japanese Grand Prix [30/07/2017 08:00PM]

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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Jul 28, 2017
Can someone do a stream of the race because I want to watch you guys.


Formula 4 1st Driver
Oct 14, 2015
Had a really good race today :) Really exiting start...one moment @Caffa was right next to me then next he was 3 feet in the air. Luckily got through that unharmed and continued to lead the race after. I've never been in the lead and I was nervous as heck. I could almost not keep my breaking steady as my legs were shaking from nervousness lol.

Lap 16 made my pitstop and came out right next to @Mr. Biggles but decided not to fight him and just stayed behind him the next couple of laps. Really hard decision because I was clearly faster at that stage but definitely was a lot safer than trying a potentially unsafe move.
Feels good to finally win. Hopefully can continue in USA my home GP :)
And good job @Caffa for winning the championship :D

Here's the video:


Pro Karter
Feb 22, 2017
Quali - P14
Very little practice, and not my favourite track at the best of times, so was reasonably happy simply to not be last, messed up on my last lap but wouldn't have been much quicker, if at all.

Race - P12 (S H(7) H(17))
Managed to avoid all of the Lap 1 chaos, and had a good little battle with @Red17G but decided running side by side into 130R was a bad idea so bailed. Fairly lonely for most of the race, struggled hugely at the end of the stint of softs but apart from that mostly ok. Was disappointed with myself for a couple of mistakes in the last stint, one at Turn 1 where I just went in too hot, ran wide and allowed @Smu3l3y through, and one at the hairpin where i lost it on the brakes and went on the grass, letting @Fersiphion catch up. Didn't get blue flags until I was in the esses, which was a horrible place to try and let someone through, but managed it without dropping a place. @Fersiphion got through on the back straight on the penultimate lap, and I was all over him on the last lap but couldn't get back past on track (see video), but he had more penalties than me so I ended up P12.

Congrats to @dragonbone81 for the win, and @Caffa for the championship! :)
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