PS4 - Round 13 United States Grand Prix [28/07/2016 20:00] |

PS4 Round 13 United States Grand Prix [28/07/2016 20:00]

Who was your driver of the day?

  • drcarter

    Votes: 3 50.0%
  • jd7

    Votes: 1 16.7%
  • iceman

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • digsha

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • tigerkart

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • mimilavi

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • xxvik

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  • jakelfc

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  • philip mcgivern

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Pro Karter
Jun 9, 2014
I'm not home for this race unfortunately, not that I'd have done well regardless. I hate this track with a passion.


F1 Champion
Jan 14, 2014
The most beautiful race of my life. Unbelievable battle with @JD7. Nice one mate! Been taken out at the hairpin at the start by @Philip McGivern (I won't make a steward enquiry). Then I missed my breaking point and crashed into @iceman82100 (I am so sorry mate, I won't blame you if you make a steward enquiry). Then I managed to rescue and take the victory


AOR Podcast Quiz Multiple Winner
Premium Member
Sep 14, 2014
That was a huge step in the right direction for me. For the first time, I felt that I could be aggressive on strategy. I mean I spent the second half of the race pushing to catch @Digsha which was completely bizarre as that never happens, like when did I try and catch up with people :D . My pace was good as well. Such a steak contrast to how I started the season in Bahrain.

P5, good result for me. Had some nice clean battles with people (Especially @iceman82100 for that sector which was absolutely crazy!) and it was nice to be close to the front at the start. Well done @DrCarter33 for winning, @JD7 for second and @iceman82100 for 3rd!

Also P8 in the championship now! :sneaky::sneaky::sneaky: (Shame I miss two rounds due to holiday)
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F1 Senna Equivalent
Feb 28, 2016
Well my races just go from bad to worse...Williams are not happy so if any team wants to sign me up, feel free. :)
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