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PC Round 13 - United States Grand Prix


2-time AOR PC Split 1 Champion
Jun 22, 2015
Here's pole:

And the best bits from my race (some great battles at the beginning):


GP2 Reserve Driver
Jul 4, 2015
Well here's mine (finally)

Same to you @RyanL83, I haven't had a battle like that since F1 2011. Such a shame you lost traction after I passed you onto the back straight, trying to defend from you for a change would have made it interesting.. more than made up for our weird "desync" moment in Japan. Also really enjoyed my early battle with @JamieFoppele, seems like I've chosen him as my Split 1 battling rival seeing as we're always battling in every race :p
If anyone wants to watch it (Mine and Ryan's battle), divide your screen into 2 tabs.. start from about lap 22 (or around 27:15 on my video) and enjoy! See you all on Sunday at my least favourite track.
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