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PC Round 15 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


GP2 Reserve Driver
Oct 17, 2014
Sorry mate, time constraints. Might get a chance to be back on before the race.
let me know if you can if not then I may still attempt to race and just check up on the usage when I am pitting.


Formula 3 2nd Driver
AOR Commentator
Feb 15, 2016
R.I.P Internet... It's been fine all week but now it's slowly dying... taken me 10 minutes just to get this page to load :banghead::banghead:
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Neil Bywater

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Premium Member
Jan 20, 2014
My last pit stint battles probably the best 20 minutes of defensive driving I have done.
Nice one @acerees . I had to take a risk in a slightly riskier place than normal to get by in the end.

Good title for @CameronB

Good win @Jens Maul you cleaned up the lines when it counted.

Well done to Force India, @Punisher and @CameronB on the constructors title.

But most of all I got second equalling my best result from Spa season 9 (I think)


Jens Maul

Formula 3 Test Driver
Apr 13, 2015
I have to admit, even if I raged a few times at the beginning (thanks to a another German) it was great season! Hopefully F1 2016 will be GREAT and AWESOME so everyone's gonna sign up for the next season. (y)

@CameronB Congratulations for winning the title, well done. :pompus: :stig:

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1-time PC Split 2 Champion
Apr 1, 2016
Other than the first lap incident I had an amazing last race fighting back through the field to finish in 3rd.

Yay I won the championship not necessarily under the circumstances I wanted to as I feel @Scott_Aitchison would have put up a very tough fight and probably would have piped me to the title if he didn’t have the issues he had. I hope you will be able to take part next season.
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Formula 3 2nd Driver
Feb 22, 2015
Wasnt able to set a clean lap, thats why i ended up timeless at the Qualy.
Had a super great start at the beginning even though something happened at turn 1 and i ended up at Place 3 with my Yellow Tyres from P8 at start.
After my 1. Stop i had a great battle with @Punisher where i was able to overtake and drive off.
At the end i got 6.th place with a 2 Stop after having problems with some corner cuts.

Im happy to be a part of Season 11 and looking forward to participate at next season.


Formula 3 2nd Driver
AOR Commentator
Feb 15, 2016
Sorry for missing out on this peeps, my ping was hitting 250.... I doubt you wanted a flying McLaren around Abu Dhabi :p