PS4 - Round 15 - Brazilian Grand Prix - 13/08/17 8PM UK Time |

PS4 Round 15 - Brazilian Grand Prix - 13/08/17 8PM UK Time

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AOR PS4 RallyCross S1 Champion
Jan 4, 2016
Relived that Season 13 is finally over, it has certainly been a real mix of highs & lows (mostly lows), but still feel proud of the way i performed for the majority of the season & getting a fortunate 4th place in the final standings is certainly nice for me. Looking forward now to solely playing the 2017 game & of course coming back for Season 14. (y)
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Formula 3 Test Driver
Apr 2, 2017
Well my race followed the trend this season with an absolute embarrassment of a qualy followed by a clean race where keeping out of trouble resulted in a strong finish.

Honestly my qualifying performances this season have been nothing short of dreadful. Cba to check the stats but I doubt I would have even challenged F4 pole in most of them which just simply isn't good enough. From all the pace I can show beforehand, when it comes to the actual session I have never got closer than 0.3s to my PB. This is something I will need to sort out with the next game being so tight pace-wise.

Thankfully I feel my race craft and consistency has made up for the abysmal qualy performances. My target at the start of the season was 30 points and to think I ended up with triple that is a truly incredible feeling. I have had some great memories from this season and thank you all for the competitive and fair racing I have had, shown by the fact the only stewards post I made was to remove a penalty that I didn't even have on Harry's screen :banghead:.

Special thank you to @alexukr for convincing me to sign up when I was certain that I wasn't good enough for the top tier. Your belief in my ability has helped me beyond what you could imagine. And of course to @zWoody for getting me into league racing 8 months ago, without which I wouldn't be here.

I hope you all enjoy the break and I look forward to F1 2017 where I will be on the wheel, and probably in F3 :wacky:

Adios Muchachos
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