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PC Round 15 - Brazilian Grand Prix [5/07/18 8:00 pm]


S17 AOR PC Assist League 1 Champion
Mar 10, 2018
Well that's that, good race to end season 15.
Happy to be part of this league that has shown incredible high standard pace and from time to time great battles aswell. To finish on the podium is a real honor because of that.
Thank you to Maddog for being the non-nonsense dad we all needed. Kept us all going here every week.

Will be making a video about this Season 15, call it an aftermovie if you want. As I'm working 40 hours a week and I'm just a hobby editor this might take a while. So check this thread in two weeks and it should be here. (I will be using all the footage that has been uploaded, I hope that's fine with everyone, if not. Tell me, I will give you your royalties :)

Once again, Thank you to all the drivers for this experience, loved it. Best way to lose my League Race Virginity (LRV)


S15 AOR PC Assist League 1 Champion
Mar 23, 2018
Once again a big thank you to all of you for the kind words and congrats, really means a lot to beat some of the best racers here in my rookie season! Hard work pays off :) See you guys on F1 2018 and in the next season of AOR. Have a nice summer break. Entity over and out.
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F1 Coordinator
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F1 Coordinator
Jun 14, 2018
First of all special thanks to @SEVEN327 for causing another slipstream glitch.
@Maddog40 thanks for a awesome job you did. gc to @Entity for winning the championship but next season be a little bit more respectful on the track. Much love for @SwaggyEggy and @MartinG1337 for such a great pace and pushing me to the limit (or yesterday over it) but still everytime fair in the fights. @TheLamaLama thanks for the great lobby management. Next season I will stay here for my first full season. For all those who going up or leave I wish you all the best.


Formula 3 Reserve Driver
Jul 26, 2016

Better late than never also @SwaggyEggy you are welcome to use my somewhat uneventful footage in your montage, however @Schwalbe , would you mind if I used you Brazil highlights in my highlights as the end of my race was depressing, to say the least
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Feb 13, 2017

Due to the results of a few steward enquiries this week, the final standings of the race have changed.


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F1 Coordinator
Jun 14, 2018
same for me with edge...it´s a joke but it is what it is


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Mar 17, 2018
Ok so now i will start recording every fucking race beacuse if someone touches me i know he would get 10 sec penalty ? Beacuse this is really bullshit


S16 AOR PC F9 Champion
Mar 20, 2018
And that wraps up the season!

First of all, congratulations to our new champ @Entity ! Consistency across the season (you were the only driver to race at every grand prix) gave you the title, so congrats again! Also, congrats to @SEVEN327 and @Omerb2 for winning the constructors!

I know we had some..... difficulties ( :p ) earlier on in the season, but I think we got all of it cleared up and while I haven't actually been racing this season, from what I've seen from race highlights the racing action this season has been great so thanks everyone for that. For me personally it's been a bit of a weird one organising the racing instead of actually racing myself, so I hope I've done a decent enough job there.

I hope to see all of you back for S16 - some of you here, some of you in the main leagues as well. For now though, thanks for making the season and AOR itself what it is!

@SEVEN327 @Omerb2 @Entity @Hyphybonbon @Island @jcp.1g @Schwalbe @Raguza @SwaggyEggy @vladimirjeger @TheLamaLama @edge @Corne011 @EditedStorm27 @kuecki @horvi181 @MartinG1337
Great Job Maddog,

I hope i Will see Some of you in the No-Assists leagues of F1 2018!!