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PS4 Round 15 - Brazilian Grand Prix


S13 AOR PS4 Assist Champion
Apr 4, 2017
Firstly well done @Thomassbrownn , you was the most dedicated driver to the game this season from what I could tell so you deserved this.

Quali- 3rd

Had a terrible lap but luckily the weather saved me as the majority of the field got unlucky with the weather

There was a lag start due to my disconnection, lights go green and everybody else stayed stationary and I clip the back of James and damage the left part of my wing annoyingly.

I gave the lead back first chance I could as it was the right thing to do although painful under the circumstances, start of the next lap however I retake the lead and set about keeping hold of it. My damaged wing wasn't helping and I failed to pull away from the chasing cars so had a real tough time keeping hold of 1st.

next thing i know I get a puncture but was saved by a greatly timed safety car, to my dismay though the pits didn't fix my wing even though I requested it, don't know if that was due to the lag or not but really peed me off.

didn't matter in the end anyway as I needed tom out the points which obviously wasn't happening, had a good battle all thoughout the race though and desperalty tried holding off kam and James towards the end incase there was contact ahead.

anyway, really enjoyed this season, things could have turned out a lot differently for me if it wasn't for the bad luck and DNS's but had some good races which is what counts, i won't be taking part in league races moving forward, really didn't have the time to commit properly so I don't want to make the same call again and do another half arsed title run.

again well done Tom, we didn't see eye to eye at one point but pleased for you nonetheless
Thanks man means a lot from a great driver like you, just heat of the time moment and you will be missed next season... good luck man


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Aug 1, 2014
Hahah it's okay mate :3. How about Abu Dhabi, don't er drive that track? And when does the new season start (F1 16 or 17)?
That's it for this season, and next season won't start until next month, but a sign up thread will be up very soon :)


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Jul 10, 2015

Check 0:52 for some Cirque du Soleil action in an F1 car
Check 30:12 for a close call with the pit wall
Check 33:30 for kam vs. B5NCO vs. James


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Feb 8, 2017
Q - last

I've missed first 15 minutes when was dry and came back when was raining so no way I could set any good time.


Nice start for me. From last I've managed to get P10 after first three turns.

Up to lap 10 when safety car came out I was kepping my position, and then after amazing restart I've managed to pass 5 cars but unlucky me @Adibales crashed me out onto the wall. I appologies @kam as I've blamed him for that, but after review to was Red bull.

Unfortunately because my car didn't ghost I ruined @ZeQ420 race as He lost whole wing, sorry man I could do nothing about it.

Summarise all season it was really pleasure to drive with you all, I've learnt a lot again. @Thomassbrownn well done mate amazing drive this season.
And I believe with some of you I deffo will be racing in non assist tier in S14.


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Mar 30, 2017
It happens. Little glitches like that were why I left the league in the first place so no worries buddy, 100% not your fault. (y)


S13 AOR PS4 Assist Champion
Apr 4, 2017
Quali - P8
Rain had to come...

Race - P1
Had a decent start until T1 where as usual Goboyleox is in a collionsion tool avoiding action then I hit a Ferrari while rejoining - was dead last.
Caught up to the field again and was having a battle With Kam and Washy, but with Kam on my outside I cocked up the breaking zone and hit Washy, so did the right thing and waited for him and decided to put the same lap.
After the Saftey Car I was just clawing my way back through the field and made some great over takes on Ben and others around, once I got past I was closing down on Skeevan as me and him were pulling away and I was gonna wait to attack until after the pit stops, pits cam and I was three seconds behind when I rejoined, and I had to close that gap with 9 laps remaining, managed to do so as I think Skeevan was under pressure from me and made a mistake giving me the win and both titles to take home in the wonderful Force India.
Been great racing you guys and hope to race you again next season, good luck
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