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PC Round 15 - Malaysian Grand Prix 04/02/2018 8:00pm]


Formula 4 Reserve Driver
Jul 22, 2017
Qualy: P2 - First stint was botched by slower cars which couldn't deal with the conditions. I rear ended Return who was stuck behind some slower cars and smashed my front wing; second lap I was stuck behind Kaltomat and had to abandon. Fortunately after I come in Jeff suggested I go out on the inters which worked perfectly.

Race: P7 - I had a great start, capitalising on Dobbys **** one. Had a good lead and realised I had forgotten to start recording, I leant forward, hit the record button on my keyboard and didnt get myself back into my seat property for turn 9, awkwardly hit the gas and spun. After a few (see: a lot) of incidents when lapping around slower cars I caught up to Amstar and had an awesome battle for the last 10 laps. I was definitely faster than him in S2 but just couldn't get past him on the straights. I copped a time penalty after having to avoid rear-ending Amstar in turn 7; I was hoping he had one as well so I kept up the pressure hoping he would make a mistake but unfortunately for me he didn't. On the last lap I was going to try one last ditch effort at a dive into turn 9 but was distracted my people talking and backed out of the braking point. I spent the last part of the lap trying to calm myself down and didn't notice my fuel was running out. Ran out of fuel on the last corner and lost another position to Steffe. Fun race but a lot of missed opportunities.