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PC Round 15 - Singapore Grand Prix [03/02/2019 08:00PM]

Mali Baćo

Formula 3 Test Driver
Jun 17, 2018
Wow, what a race! Thank you for the congrats everyone.

I wanted to throw a dummy by going out on (HS) tyre at the end of qualifying, but since it turned out that I got purple sectors 1 and 2, and that I would be P9 if I didn't improve, I pushed on to get a pole. The rain was coming at the end of the race so I knew that (HS) - (S) strategy would work while it's dry. Sadly for me, @DwergC drove a massive lap and take the pole from me by 7 tenths, the biggest gap of the season!

Had a good start and went side by side with Dwerg through the first few corners. But then I held the line and tried not to go overagressive in the opening laps. We were pulling a lead from drivers on Ultra tyres behind so we were both safe in the opening stint. Jeff has told me that the rain is coming in 15 minutes, so I decided to switch from hypers to ultras, instead of softs. My hypers were overheating so I started to lose ground to Dwerg before I tried to undercut.

After I stoppped for Ultra tyres and Dwerg for Softs, we had to battle through traffic, passing the group of @cata82 @Dominy @leenvollaard and @Diallo along the way, while I was pulling all the cards I had to challenge and get ahead of Dwerg for the future lead of the race.

A few laps later, quite disturbingly, I managed to lose the car on the apex of turn 11 and get my front right wing red. I knew stopping would make me lose a lot of time so I drove like that until the rain began, losing time and position to @MrPanda-6. When we stopped for inter tyres, I lost a place to Dominy since I had to change the front wing.

From then on it was maximum focus which payed off. A battle with Dominy for P4 lasted for a few laps, almost putting me in the wall on the outside of turn 11, but I managed to get past in Lap 21. @boxen was my next target as I gained astonishing 11 seconds in seven laps on him. Sadly there was no battle as he put the car in the wall of turn 18 and I squeezed to take my second podium.

Pandacruiser was out of reach, even though I was gaining some half a second in the closing laps. Still, this was a rollercoaster of emotions and an amazing race for me.

Congrats to Dwerg for pole position and the win, Panda for taking P2 and @djole74 on his first fastest lap. :) Highlights due tomorrow. ;)
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Formula Karter
Feb 18, 2018
My highlights. Really had to change my driving style on this track to keep my tyre temps down. The rain hit sooner than I expected, so I was on a dry setup, but it turned out all right.
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Pro Karter
Sep 8, 2018
Nice and quite difficult race, where my anxiety got the better of me...again.
Not happy with my qualy: practiced with @Mali Baćo just before the race, had a great feeling for qualy setup, but somehow in the official league i go on and run an almost 3 second slower time. BAD!

Not happy with my race: game glitched in the beginning and myself, @Dominy and @djole74 were stuck on the grid for the warm-up lap. Having waited for you guys to go around the lap and the grid to form, game glitched again and i had no "clutch" message at the start, pressing the clutch and trying to accelerate was moving my car fw, therefore i had to make a dreadful start and in the first corner i was last...by a lot. Had some battles in the dry, with @Dominy and a few other guys, and got a right front yellow damage when i got closed on at turn 12 by @defisparta. not necessarily his fault, it is easy to not see if somebody has his nose on the inside there. Let @DwergC and @Mali Baćo go past me as they were on new tires and, even if it would have been a fight for position between us at that time, there would have been no use for me to ruin their race win fight! When rain started it was not visible on my screen at all, just noticed the decreased levels of grip, then i saw everybody changing to Inters except @TheVerenzak and it was clearly wrong to stay that long as then i made the biggest mistake, in my opinion, and locked, on Softs, at turn 13 while @MrPanda-6 was on the outside on his Inters. Was not trying to compete, to be honest, just 0 levels of grip and couldn't go nowhere as he was on my outside. I touched him and lost him some time, hopefully not the win as well :(. Really feel bad for this mistake though.
On Inters i was so-so and in the middle of nowhere in terms of track position, so only the fun and trickiness of driving in such conditions made it not boring.

Congrats to the winner and podium finishers!


F1 Coordinator
Staff member
F1 Coordinator
Premium Member
Jan 14, 2014
Fiiiinally some points again!

Q: P7
Wasn't the greatest lap, could've probably been P4 - in front of all the US qualifiers, but wasn't unhappy with P7. Knew the race was gonna be difficult starting on the HS though.

R: 7th
Had a good look at @Frihman's Ferrari at the start, as we both were on the same spot on the grid. It all worked out fine once we got going though (luckily). Had a pretty meh-start. Didn't gain any positions, which I was hoping I would be able to do on my softer tyres.
Wasn't able to stay within a second of the guys in front in the first few laps, so once DRS got activated I wasn't able to catch up to them anymore. Made my stop from HS to US on lap 6, a lap after the other HS starters. Worked out pretty well for me in the end.

My middle stint on the US wasn't too interesting, couldn't get the tyres up to temperature at first so was understeering everywhere. That was until I caught up to @leenvollaard's Haas who didn't it make it too easy for me to get past him. Luckily the guys behind me had an even more difficult time, so I was able to pull quite a gap to them as leen appeared to be struggling quite a bit with his tyres.

My engineer told me on L17 he was expecting rain soon, but that the slicks would still be the best option. I noticed a few people had already gone in for inters, which confused me as there was no visible rain on my screen yet. I decided to follow @cata82, who was in front of me. He didn't pit. And after coming down the S/F-straight I realised we were the only 2 people to not pit. Which was a mistake, I realised in T7, when I saw cata spun (had an incident(?)) and I was able to get past him. I struggled for the rest of the lap, but still no rain visible on my screen. A few early pitters were able to get by me without any problems and I made my stop on L18.

Came out of the pits in front of @Diallo and keeping him behind became my goal at that point. I managed, but unfortunately because I'm a poor driver I picked up a penalty too many and dropped behind him anyway.

Congrats to @DwergC on a dominant win, and to @MrPanda-6 & @Mali Baćo on the podium positions! :)

See you all in Russia!
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