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PC Round 17 - Japanese Grand Prix [24/02/2019 08:00PM]


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Oct 12, 2017
I didn't know that tyre wear bug ... now I know why I'm so bad o_O

Not anymore patch 1.16 (perhaps, but bet they screwed something else seriously)
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Oct 15, 2017
So basically I want this season to end ASAP... ya know? DR 2.0 is out, I'm back into Forza again (add me on PC XBOX btw, we can play it together)... I just simply want to end this one and have a fresh start to F1. From now on every race will be some kind of testing session for me as I will have no real expectations anymore. Cuz obviously this has been my worst season ever in AOR... I actually had a good start overtaking @Mali Baćo and @Frihman. Up to Lap 7 I held it pretty good but when I got pressurized by @Frihman I lost it + got a 10 second penalty when I was on the gravel waiting for a gap to rejoin on the track safely, thx again Codies.

Anyway from that point on I was fast with mediums but not fast enough. P13 I guess?

Congrats to @Neil Bywater,@Sweatu and @DwergC on their success... Cya in USA.