PS4 - Round 17 - Japanese Grand Prix - 24th February 2019 [8:00pm (UK time)] |

PS4 Round 17 - Japanese Grand Prix - 24th February 2019 [8:00pm (UK time)]


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Apr 9, 2017
Q - P8
R - P7

Pre-Race Interview - Suzuka is an absolute blast to drive, so I wasn't too bothered with my starting or finishing position. I just wanted to drive after the break weekend!

Race - Overall the race went pretty well. Had a good defensive battle in the opening laps with @KroNoS271, which was good fun. We both managed to avoid a MASSIVE pile-up between @louielouie50 @MJ7 @monkeymeg44 and @Salvo Failla just before the Degner curve. 8:40 in my video. Had to go wide thru the grass since I don't trust ghosting one-bit. Came out in P6 after the incident. After that it was somewhat of a quiet drive before and after the pits. I tried catch up to @MrRobinhx during the closing laps, but just couldn't make it happen. At the same time @KroNoS271 was absolutely rapid in the ending laps and made a textbook overtake at the hairpin. In the end its P7. I'll take that to the bank.

Post-Race Interview - A good race, no complaints at all. Very exciting to drive and from my perspective the battles were clean. Wish every week could be this smooth! Onto my home race!

Congrats to @chris130256 on the win!
Congrats to @Wesley3071 and @Limaro_83 on rounding out the podium!



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Feb 8, 2017
Yes I do have. It is unfair results that’s it. I’m not happy of it at all. It doesn’t matter where I finished but desynhro like that should not be accepted.