PS4 - Round 17 - United States Grand Prix [25/02/2018 8:00PM] |

PS4 Round 17 - United States Grand Prix [25/02/2018 8:00PM]


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Jan 14, 2014
It's wireless currently, the other week I tried wiring it up and it got even worse. Any tips would be very welcome! It all runs fine when I'm back home (I'm in a student house currently) but the wifi seems to be so up and down here
I was on a wireless connection before and it was really dodgy. Try buying a TP-link. It worked wonders for my connection
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Jan 15, 2017
Race POV:
Quali: 1st

Pretty happy with both of my laps, they were on par with what I had been doing in practice. My very best was a 32.9 so wasn't too far off that.

Race: 1st

got a great get away and managed to pull out a good gap in the first stint. Once I had a gap around 6-8 seconds I didn't want to take any risks. Not to say I backed off but I was a lot more careful with my tyres. I could see @nezehran closing the gap holding a solid P2 until him and @Roadhouse came together. From then on @SolidNinjaSnake started to close the gap on fresher tyres. Credit to him for a cracking comeback, I thought I was going to have a good chance to pull out some good points. I could see the supersoft runners dropping pace quite rapidly, with Solid closing quicker and quicker on me. I got to the last two laps and was just praying that I had no game issues, crashes ect. I finally got back to the top step after the shenanigans over the last 2 rounds.
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Dec 18, 2017
Was great being involved in my first F4 race. Glad to pick up some points even if it was only 2.

Qualifying was a disaster for me due to frame rate and lag issues.

Started in p15 with no sound whatsoever for the whole race. Gear changes all over the place didn't know I was locking up the brakes. Was on the verge of retiring but stuck with it and landed in p9 at the end should have been p7 but a corner cut on the last lap gave me a total 6 second penalty.

Fingers crossed I can show my full potential in Mexico but for me it's not a track I have much experience on.

Thankful to be involved in a great league with great and fast drivers. Plenty of action in the highlights and great commentary.

Looking forward to racing with you all next weekend.
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Nov 27, 2016
Incoming long race report! ;)

I had only done some practice earlier on in the week and didn't touch the game again until the weekend. When I put some laps in I felt slow so I wasn't looking forward to the race. I just didn't have any confidence during qualifying as my first lap was poor, putting me in 8th place and 9 tenths behind 1st...
Went back out with a plan to do two laps if needed, but on my out-lap, I stupidly accidentally cut a corner in the first sector... Which meant the game invalidated that lap AND THE NEXT ONE... So around I go again to finally start my lap. My delta wasn't showing but hitting the sector splits I saw I wasn't doing well. First and second sector I matched, then in the final sector I gained just under two tenths... To put me in 10th, which didn't last long as I got dropped down to 11th, by a gap of 0.030.

Side note: Funny moment on my in-lap after the first lap, as @Rabid_Donkey96's car was going around the track and wasn't ghosted. I went to go in the pits when his car all of a sudden decided to as well. I put the pit limiter on while his car goes flying down the pit lane at full speed and back out again! :lol:
Also, that framerate glitch when @ColonelGaddafi retired was really weird. Thankfully a quick press of the options button sorted it out.


Due to the result of qualifying, I had absolutely no interest in the race now and was pretty much just like screw it.. (Kinda like what @Senaattori was saying himself.) Negative feelings aside, the good thing about starting in 11th though was that I could use a new set of tyres. So I opted for the plan of Super Soft to Soft.

Maintained 11th for T1, took 10th by T2 before seeing cars going off through the next series of corners, putting me into 9th. @kovisjimi and @CombiKoermi made contact on the exit of hairpin which let me get a run on Kovisjimi to take 8th. Combi made slight contact with @advanceapple which slowed Combi almost to a halt on the apex of the corner, but I was able to take the corner with just enough speed to allow me to make the pass at T1 to now put me in 7th.

Lap 3 and I was able to take 6th due to @InFinityzzHD going onto the curb and spinning at T1. At this point, I saw the gap @MattDavies2511 had pulled out in front and actually thought whoever was in second must have damage or something due to the train that was forming. I got a good exit at the final corner and was able to get a run on @advanceapple who went to defend, forcing me close to the wall, but I was able to make the pass at T1 to now put myself in P5!

Lap 5 and @KaneIyanda went for the pass on @JohnnyR95 at T16 but they remained side by side on the exit. This almost allowed me to follow Johnny on the inside to pass KaneIyanda around the long right-hander. Basically what Max Verstappen did in real life, however mine would have been a legal pass haha. Unfortunately it didn't stick as KaneIyanda braked later than I did for T19 and bumped into me, causing me to lose a position to @kovisjimi. This didn't last long as I retook the position at T1, but he stuck alongside me before finally conceding for the quick left rights. Caught back up to KaneIyanda and had a good run out of the hairpin to allow me to pass at the end of the long DRS straight to now put me in 4th! The exact same happened on the next lap against Johnny, however with just enough room he remained on the outside, where we went side by side through the next corner before I finally pulled ahead at T16, now putting me in a podium position! Safe to say I was now loving this race and looking fairly good for a podium result after a terrible qualifying! Next up was @nezehran who I finally caught up to a few laps later on Lap 10 where he then dived into the pits while I stayed out to take the lead of the race for a couple of laps.

Tyre wear seemed decent, but I didn't want to take the risk of putting Ultras on (after seeing those who started now go onto the Super Softs) and ruin all my hard work. I pitted on Lap 13 for Softs and came out in 5th. I was fairly happy with my times on the Softs, not necessarily the speed, but just the consistency. It took a while but I finally caught up to @Roadhouse ahead on Lap 21, but it wasn't until Lap 22 where I was able to make the pass, as Roadhouse and @nezehran make contact and they both go off into the barrier, allowing me to take 2nd!

Just one more driver to go! @MattDavies2511 who was 8 seconds down the road. I was gaining on him but unfortunately there weren't enough laps and in the end, I finished just 3 seconds behind him! (6 seconds after I got a penalty on the penultimate lap for going out wide on the exit of the penultimate corner.)
So yeah, what a race! Absolutely loved it but due to how close I was to 1st, it begs the question that if I had qualified better, could I have won? We'll never know but I was pretty damn happy with how the race went regardless! 11th to 2nd! I do feel like making a highlights video some time but unfortunately for some reason, there's short gaps missing in the videos... No idea why but it's not the first time it's happened, so I'll have to work around it or just do the best I can. Anyway congrats to @MattDavies2511 on the win, as well as being the only person to not get a penalty haha. Congrats to @advanceapple as well for 3rd! Also a huge shoutout to @Senaattori for a brilliant drive as well, going from 14th to 4th! =)


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Nov 27, 2016
Just posting to add this video that I said I'd perhaps make some time. =)
It includes @Rabid_Donkey96's AI car going full speed through the pits as well haha.
Apologies for any random skips in the video, it was how it was saved after the race. =(