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PC Round 18 - United States Grand Prix [03/03/2019 08:00PM]


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Sep 5, 2018
well ... i really really really really really ... dont like this track. every race here is sooo bad for me
didnt train much so i didnt expect a lot of pace from me
Q: P7 ....
the first 5 seconds after the start i thought wow that wasnt to bad maybe this will be a good race but then @earicx and @DwergC were coming sideways and i was like: GUYS WTF SHOULD I DO NOW ... i tried to dodge to the left but unfortunately there was @MrPanda-6 and i ended up wrong way around in the wall even before turn 1 xD
from there on not much has happened had a battle with @leenvollaard who really was struggling in the rain and with @djole74 as well who was sliding like hell at the end of the inter stint
in the end i tried to catch @Neil Bywater what was really exhausting but really fun and actually i felt super fast the last laps xD
R: P11 due to penalties

cant really blame anyone for the start incident or maybe championship controversy? :unsure: haha yikes
gg to the top 3

Yeah, sorry for the first lap.. As you can see at the start from @Mali Baćo 's highlights both me and @DwergC completely lost it spinning the wheels, and eventually there was nothing I could do getting the Force India from the side. It ruined my race as well.


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Sep 5, 2018
My, oh my. What an amazing race! Thank you everyone for congratulations!

After a busy week, I didn't find much time to practice for COTA, a track I don't really like. First practice session was twitchy, as I couldn't find a right setup for me which ended up in wasting more than half of the session on overheating and instability. Practice 2 was much better as I had a really good feeling behind the wheel so I went out to do some long runs, to see how tyres behave and what amount of wear should I expect, which would prove to be the key point of the race.

I have also dedicated some time to find the best braking points in numerous corners of the track. It's really challenging to drive cockpit cam around here, as there are a lot of blind spots, like Turn 1 - where you see the bollard only when you are next to it. Thanks to @cata82 @Levingston and @Diallo for keeping me company in these two sessions.

I was not satisfied about neither of my qualy runs. The first one was okay, but I messed up a lot of braking points, so there was a lot of time to be picked up. My second run was ruined by track limits in esses, and the third run was barely better than my first. In the end, I had to satisfy myself for 10th with 1:32.363, only 0.017s behind my teammate. Seeing a wet start made me very happy, as I love driving in the rain and a few past races showed that I am really competitive.

The soaking start of the race was amazing for me. I was located on the inside of the track so I kept the line coming to the first corner, whilst staying behind Levingston, who qualified one row ahead of me. We went three wide, and I didn't have any better solution other than keeping it really close to the bollard, but I touched with Diallo. The mess in that corner helped me make my way to P4, gaining six positions from the start.

I was cautious towards the end of the opening lap. In the next one I tried to fight @Levingston at the beginning of Sector 2, but he had a better exit onto the back straight. Seeing that we already pulled a nice gap behind, I was in no hurry to get past the Renault. Patience and keeping the car stable paid off, as Levi made a mistake out of the tight left hander in Sector 3, so I was already a podium contender after passing him.

The next up was @cata82 in his McLaren. I started to gain time to him, as I made fastest laps back to back. It hasn't been long until I caught up with him in Sector 2 of Lap 5. Still feeling confident and increasing the gap behind, I didn't force any bold moves to get past. For me it was still all about patience. I don't know about TV pod cameras, but driving behind a car in showers is tricky if you are using cockpit cam like I do. Eventually, at the beginning of Lap 6 I was breathing down the neck of Cata, so I was ready to attack in Turn 1. Being in a blind corner, I got a feeling that he overshot the braking so I started turning in. It turned out that he was spot on, but he didn't close the door on me and stepped aside to let me past.

The last car in front of me was @xDerpOG representing the home team of Haas. The rain started easing so we boxed for inters at the end of Lap 6. I had luck not to be blocked by anyone in the pits. We both ran into traffic that stayed out on full wets so it was crucial to get past them ASAP. From lap 8 onwards, we were all alone with a great gap behind, so it was all about that golden position towards the end.

Unlike on wet tyres, I couldn't catch the pace on inters. Having posted two consecutive fastest laps on full wet tyres, I couldn't get anywhere close on inters. However, I was consistent and really confident, starting to push more and more one lap at the time. Braking points were closer to the corners as the track started drying, but I still couldn't get closer than being two seconds behind Derp. As he mentioned, the gap was fluctuating mainly because of my tiny errors, which did give me a lot of warnings and penalties but I couldn't care less about it.

Finally, at the end of lap 19 we got called in. Having practiced long runs, I knew I was capable of getting Ultrasoft tyres to the end. That move was also justified with great gap we created behind ourselves. My mechanics were really slow and made me lose a full second to Derp in the pits. Unlike me, he has stopped for Supersofts so it was clear that I had the advantage.

I started closing in really fast, gaining more than 7 tenths per lap as the track was getting faster. I posted three consecutive fastest laps, but none of them were fastest laps in the end so I'll have to wait for another opportunity to gain that milestone. Back on track, we were lapping @earicx who stepped aside really nicely so both of us went past without any hassle - kudos for that!

Three laps prior to the end, I was already in DRS waiting to make the move. I had a lot of penalties, but I still couldn't help myself wanting to, at least, finish first on track. I was conservative and tried to wait for the last chance, saving fuel and ERS in the mean time. But at the beginning of penultimate lap, Derp left some room on the inside into Turn 1 and being confident on my braking, I dived and got ahead.

My heart was beating. Is it really me winning the race? Not quite, there are some 10 kilometres left to go and stay ahead of the Haas. I tried taking defensive lines, charging up ERS wherever I could do it, but I could feel the hunger of Derp breathing down my neck in the last lap. I did try to close every open door, but he caught me off guard in the tight left hander of sector 3. I kept the outside line and I was ahead all of the time, but Codemasters decided to f*** me and gave me an illegal overtake warning, so I had to "return" the position to Derp.

Being affraid of getting disqualified in the last corner, I decided to give up and let him have the position. He would have got it anyways because of my penalties. Massive congratulations to Derp for pole position and win, it was an amazing scrap and I hope to repeat it in some of the next three races! Congratulations to Levingston as well for taking his first podium of the season.

Now the highlights:

Things are getting really tight in both of my championships. With these 18 points, it will take another 18 to try and beat @boxen for P5, otherwise there is a gap of 13 to edge @earicx and 18 to @BlackPanthor for P6. As for the constructors, we will hold P8 for now, but only a point behind Ferrari and 12 behind Red Bull.

The game is on.
My race was ruined early but I had nothing else to do so I thought I might as well practice some :)

I saw you guys battling for the lead so I stepped aside when @xDerpOG was around 3 seconds behind me, didn't want to mess it up for any of you.

Sorry about the fastest lap btw, I pitted for Ultras with 4 laps to go ;)


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Oct 15, 2017
Finally a good race.

P8 for the qualy.

Fought with @Mali Baćo for the first 2 laps and then I lost it. Had to give my position to Mali since he had more control over his car, yet it was not too bad for me too. The wet session was pretty good as me and @Diallo fought for many laps. Then I was also happy with my dry pace as I had to make a decision of taking supersofts a lap earlier than the race control allowed DRS again. That way I overtook one of the McLaren's.

Then I had to defend the final step of the podium to the Diallo's Williams.

Was a good race. Congrats to @xDerpOG and @Mali Baćo for their performances. Cya in Mexico.


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Jan 14, 2014
Results are now updated! Sorry they are so late, haven't been home since an hour ago and wasn't able to find time before now.
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