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PC Round 19 - Brazilian Grand Prix [11/03/18 8:00pm]


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Jan 26, 2014
Damn controller disconnected mid-corner, made my whole game lag for 3-4 seconds, my "ghosted" car hit the wall and broke part of the front wing. I was fourth and very close to 3rd place. I had to hastily go under my desk and plug my controller directly to my computer (the bluetooth connection failed) and get going again... but I was 8th at this point and people in front of me already made their pitstop. I completed my stint with a 50% broken front wing for 2 laps (not to ruin the possible "comeback"), but it was over at that point.

I'm so mad, I had the pace for 3rd place (since everyone spun out in front of me). Controller never failed me like this, gotta have it wired all the time now unfortunately...