PS4 - Round 19 - Mexican Grand Prix - 10th March 2019 [8:00pm (UK time)] |

PS4 Round 19 - Mexican Grand Prix - 10th March 2019 [8:00pm (UK time)]

Salvo Failla

Formula Karter
Aug 9, 2018
Q: P7
R: P9

Fantastic session, my personal best online session, the most competitive, ended with a P7.

R: 00:03 - The race starts, I damage my front wing but I'm in P5;
00:34 - @ramma overtakes me and we overtake @monkeymeg44 ;
01:03 - Box;
01:33 - @monkeymeg44 overtakes me, I hit him damaging my front wing;
01:56 - I overtake @xGATECRASHERx ;
02:11 - Contact with @xGATECRASHERx , @Jari overtakes us;
02:28 - Contact with @monkeymeg44 ;
02:41 - I overtake @Wesley3071 ;
03:00 - @ramma overtakes me;
03:19 - Box, @Wesley3071 and @KroNoS271 overtake me;
03:45 - I overtake @KroNoS271 ;
04:02 - Big pressure from @MrRobinhx during the last laps but at the end I finish the race in P9.

I'm happy because I was very competitive in this race, in qualifying, with attacks and defenses. Every lap of every race is experience for me, training myself already for the next season.
Congrats @Nick-1054 , @JimiRäikkönen and @ramma for the podium.
I hope in the team title for the last two races ;)

Salvo Failla

Formula Karter
Aug 9, 2018
QF P2 Race P5

Some great battling in this race. First half was spent swapping places with @JimiRäikkönen and @Nick-1054 before a coming together on lap 13 saw me spin off at turn 1. Then at the back end of the race with @Hunter17 and @ramma I struggled massively with tyre wear in this race and probably need to look at how I set the car up in future as this isn’t the first time. In 3rd last lap and I put it in the wall put thankfully just the wing damaged.

Highlights are a bit long but I wanted to get as much of the battling in as possible.

Congrats to Nick on the win and PPK and Ramma for rounding out the podium.

WOW! Was amazing the moment where are you Nick and jason in battle.
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Apr 9, 2017
What’s happened to the big write ups???
Motivation slowly decreases as the season progresses :ROFLMAO:
Perhaps I'll do some for Brazil and Abu Dhabi to end the season on a good note
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Formula 4 Test Driver
Aug 12, 2018
Q - 13
R - 3

Quali - Planned to go out on US but did a lap on the SS to see how my setup felt in equal performance cars. On the in lap the rear went out ever so slightly bumping over the curb, and I over corrected it into the wall. So I didn't get to set a lap besides my SS feeler lap.

Race - Being out of the top 10 I decided to start on a fresh set of US tires and just see how far I could stretch them, unsure if I'd do a 2 stop like I'd initially planned or a 1 stop. Going in the first few corners I got a bit of wing damage but not so much I needed to pit immediately. That sort of solidified the 1 stop idea to try and counter lost pit time from swapping wings when I did. The incidents at the start also took me from P13 to P8! Then up to P6 over the next few laps with the incidents at the final corner. Eventually made it to P1 as people ahead on track made their pit stops, and held that till my stop on lap 17/18, exiting in P9. Managed to get past WJORR and salvofailla within a few laps, ultimately back up to P4 with others pitting over the next few laps. I was being caught quickly by PPK though, so by the time I was near enough jarilambrechts to make a move, so was PPK, causing a short lived battle. PPK gets by us both, but Jaril pits, so up to P3! Near the end my tires were falling off and I was actually running out of fuel despite way overloading it. Limaro and ben-hunt close the gap and both get past, down to P5. At this point my only hope for a podium is that they fight enough that I can keep in range of any penalties they may have since I still had none (but 2 warnings in). I needed to conserve what fuel I could to be able to push and be near at all though since I was dipping into the red. Luckily they did battle for position some, I did manage to save just enough fuel for a final 2 lap push, Limaro also went on an unplanned detour, and miraculously I didn't get my final warning towards my time penalty, putting me up to P3 in the end!

Highlights, including some spectator views of quali - race starts at 4 minutes.