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XB1 Round 19 - United States Grand Prix [19/01/20 20:00UK]

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F1 Senna Equivalent
Nov 23, 2014
I'm just finished work and I won't make it to the bus in time to be home. Sorry guys, my attendance has really dropped off this season. I know for a fact I'm working next Saturday night so I will be racing in Brazil. @SoggyCabbages - Do us proud tonight.


F1 Coordinator
Staff member
F1 Coordinator
Dec 7, 2016
Come on guys 6 people is a joke.

Can people please get in. We don'thave time to wait.
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FM Coordinator
FM Coordinator
Premium Member
Jul 5, 2014
Wonder if we’ve actually started any race this season at 8 on the dot at all?

cant believe by round 18 people still can’t get the hang of being invited at 7:45 or at the latest 7:55.


F1 Test Driver
Aug 30, 2018
Should have just let me go, i'd have dragged you all the way to the front without stressing your tyres.
I did lift man but i think it did a weird desync moment cause i didn't think i touched you but then it suddenly jolted you off to the right then i got a warning for contact. i'm sorry dude. I had already had wing damage from t1 too I shouldn't have tried to carry the pace i did anyway