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PC Round 2 - Bahrain Grand Prix [21/04/19 8:00pm]


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Apr 1, 2019
this is my view of the start, i wish i had reached turn 4. @HaiCo i checked my ping too later, for london and germany, it was 6ms, i dont know what went wrong, even at the beginning of the lobby, i got three invite notification to join the lobby. i thought it was just you sending the invite cause you couldnt see me in the list. maybe there was a sync issue from the beginning.


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Oct 6, 2018
in the recorded live stream too , the t4 incident is wierd, im not even in the screen or that place or anywhere near but you and another player still lost front wings by hitting nothing apparently.
Yeah, weird. Last season in Brazil in F9 the whole field was desynced, everyone had different things happen. Good that at least most of the field wasn't affected by this.

Also, @Muddyh20 , #16 is taken by Leclerc, I don't think it can be picked in the game.
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Apr 24, 2018
Great race. So much fighting right till the finish line. So happy with P4, despite an unfair 5 second penalty.
I tried to pit earlier to undercut the train I was in, and to gain some lost time from the penalty. Sort of worked out, haven't I had the penalty I think I would have jumped the train.
Then I got held up a lot by my teammate, so that was a bit unfortunate, but I can't really ask people to move over ;)

My POV finally uploaded:
Show me on your video in what point i go defensive?


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Nov 5, 2017
Show me on your video in what point i go defensive?
I don't think you defended, I just couldn't get past, and that lost me some time. When I did go past you, I quickly build a gap, so it was very clear that I had lost time being in your dirty air for a couple of laps.

Uncle Nobhead

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Jan 9, 2019
It is what it is, how things played out, even if I was in 1st i would not have won, I already made it clear to @Maxxwil that I am #2 driver as long as he is in the championship fight, so I would have let him through if I was in front. :)

My view of L2T1:
wasn't really a lot I could have done to be honest, its not that I specifically braked early that lap to try and catch you guys out or anything, that was the limit of my braking distance, and it was like that all race, maybe different setup/downforce levels, on my screen it felt like you just went for a divebomb from miles back, but as you said it is what it is, my POV will be on here in an hour or so if you want to have a look

Uncle Nobhead

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Jan 9, 2019
Q; P2 by far my best qually so far in AOR, even with tyres taken into account, I felt that I had really good pace for once and it was kind of out of nowhere
R: P11 finally had some good track position to capitalise on after qually, feel like I could have had an outside shot at a podium(even with my lock up), had I not picked an absolutely horrendous strategy, not a lot I can do about it now but Ill just have to make sure I don't get it so wrong again, had a couple of great battles, mainly with @Maxxwil, but also @tim_haeusli that I may or may not have bottled xD

onto the next one
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