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PC Round 2 - Bahrain Grand Prix [30/04/2017 - 8:00pm UK time]


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Aug 8, 2016
Well that was a race to forget for me.

Qualy: P10. Forgot to change my fuel for my first run, so was running slower than I should have been. 2nd run I was ~1s up on my first lap when I had a stupid spin. So ended up not improving, despite having the pace for P3 or P4.

Race: P9. Had a terrible first few laps, my setup did not give me speed on the straights and when people were bunched up I wasn't able to take advantage of my faster cornering so ended up losing quite a lot of places. Went longer into the first stint than most (and actually led the race for a bit). Came out on mediums, and put in a decent lap just as the safety car came out. Which allowed @Scott_Aitchison to get a pitstop and stay infront of me. When SC came in I had the same issue as the start of the race, losing time on the straights and not able to get past in the corners. Eventually managed to undo that and get up to 3rd, before we glitch in to another SC. Went on to SS like Scott, came out of the pits 6th behind @Ely', who I had quite a few good battles with. Unfortunately me and Ely got our tyres caught on L26, which lost us both a few positions. (4th/5th to 8th for me). L27 had a crash at T1, which allowed me to get a great pass on @PaulB1991 but got given an "unfair" penalty for illegal overtake (I was planning on taking it to the stewards, until I realised there was a yellow flag). Then later on L27, @aeN tangled with Ely and span in to my path, broke my front wing, and then tangled up again with me as I was trying to recover, dropped me into a spin and sent me to last place.

Decided to go 2/2 with fastest laps again though.

Felt I could have gotten a podium or even a win this race, but didn't have right setup to battle in traffic. Plus a few unfortunate incidents.

Good racing everyone!
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Mar 6, 2017
Coming to Bahrain, I had little hope to finish on the podium considering how uncomfortable I was with the car, the brakes and the track. My quali lap was quite poor to me but I still managed to get 6th, losing almost a second to @Ludvig Petersson in 1st.

I took a reasonable start, not losing any position. I managed to pass @Dazzy Oz early in the race to get 5th and I started to chase the front runners who were battling ahead of me. @aeN's crash allowed me to gain one place and I later got up to 3rd due to @Ludvig Petersson's stop on Lap 5. I decided to dive into the pits on the next lap to put fresh medium tyres, I exited the pits in front of @Footyad24 who was still yet to pit (correct me if I'm wrong) with @KurvZ not far behind. After a few laps, I caught up to the back of @Ludvig Petersson who had to overtake a couple of drivers who had not pitted yet at that point. We were respectively 5th and 6th on Lap 10 but the race suddenly changed for all the drivers when the Safety Car came out due to @StefanWylde's crash on Lap 11. At the end of the lap, I went into the pits to put soft tyres and exited the pits in 6th place behind @JurYEdits and more importantly - in front of @Ludvig Petersson.

At the end of the Safety Car period, I tried to find my way around the two Toro Rossos battling in front of me but both cars touched and spun at Turn 1, luckily for the guys ahead, the two Red Bull sister cars ghosted and only created a yellow flag. After this scary moment at the race restart, I made a move on @amdavies to take 3rd and my next target was @KurvZ's Williams ahead. I managed to overtake him one lap later to get 2nd place behind @Scott_Aitchison who was leading the race at that point.

I kept this second place until a second Safety Car came out of nowhere, not a single yellow flag waven by a marshall and not a single crash on the track o_O I decided to make my final pitstop. Not having any supersofts left (as I chose the harder tyre compound before the race), I exited the pits with fresh soft tyres to get to the end of the race. I was running just behind @Scott_Aitchison at the second race restart and he managed to find his way through the drivers in front who had not pitted during the second Safety Car period. I stuggled a lot to overtake these guys ahead and it has surely cost me a lot of time to @Scott_Aitchison who took the race lead back.

My first overtake was on @R.A.J. at Turn 13, then I was looking for @KurvZ once again but I was too optimistic at Turn 8 and I nearly lost control of my car when I tapped @KurvZ's right rear wheel and my silly mistake cost me a place to @amdavies. One lap later, I managed to get DRS on the back straight so that I could try to overtake him back but our wheels touched at Turn 11 and we lost three places to @aeN, @PaulB1991 and @Meireloso (he later told me on Steam that it looked more like a racing incident and that it was not someone's fault :)). At the end of Lap 26, I was allowed to open the DRS and to attack @PaulB1991 on the start/finish straight. I managed to gain not one place, but two places thanks to @KurvZ's incident with @Quincy at Turn 1. That was 5th place in the bag for now and the next person to pass was @aeN's Haas. Once again, I got DRS on the back straight and passed @aeN there. Still seeing him on the inside, I left him room on the inside of Turn 11 but he tapped my rear and nearly made me spun, luckily I could control the car and carry on but he hit the wall and unfortunately retired from the race. I had two laps to catch up to @Meireloso's car and to pass him. It was really difficult to try an attack because he was stuck behind @Quincy who impressively managed to stongly defend his 2nd place but on the last lap, I could somehow have a go around the outside in Turn 12 and overtake @Meireloso on the outside at Turn 13. I tried to overtake @Quincy in the start/finish straight but he was a bit too far ahead but thanks to his 3-second time penalty, that's a impressive 2nd on a track I struggled a lot to find pace on.

In the end, I'm keeping the championship lead and Renault keeps the constructors' championship lead even with my teammate unfortunately not being able to attend this race.

Hats off to @Scott_Aitchison for his win, he truly deserves it and did a simply better job than me at the second race restart. Very good racing with @amdavies as well, even with this contact on Lap 26, I'm looking forward to battle even more with you in the future, and also great comeback from @PaulB1991 who went from dead last on the grid to take 4th place here.

I'll make the graphics standings when the race results glitch problem will be solved and when @Quincy's penalty removal request will be investigated by the stewarts (for those who are interested in them)

Anyways, GG to everyone and see you in China! (y)
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Sep 19, 2014
My race :D Not the best for sure. Made a lot of mistakes and my pace wasn't really at it's best :p
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Jan 15, 2014
Q: P8, 1:32.0... struggling like Ely on this track.

R: P3, lmao
OK start, I kept my P8
L5 : I already got to stop because I had a 79% wear on the front left wing (yep, as a stupid **** I forgot to reduce the tyre pressure when I loaded the setup). Exiting P15 out of 16 on Mediums, behind @Dazzy Oz . We quickly caught up GIOVINAZZI and managed to overtake him.

L11 : P9, already 37% of tyre wear after only 5 and half of a lap, at this moment I had no hope for this race anymore but the SC just decided to come out ! Great, I'm saved ! :D So I stoped a second time, to put soft tyres in order to finish on SS, that was the plan.

L14 : Good restart, I overtook @R.A.J. on the straight as he struggled a bit to restart. P10 with a lot of action ahead. But at T3 I hit @H_pro1 as he spun just in front of me so I slightly brake my front wing and I became last. P14.

L17 : Once again I overtook my team mate at T1

L19 : Another SC came out from nowhere ! :angelic::angelic::angelic: Firstly I was thinking about put soft tyres but I definitly chose to take the risk of the super softs. Exiting of the pits P10.

L23 : Ok restart. P9 after @JurYEdits got an unfair DSQ. then P8 after @aeN's crash

L24 : At the exit of the last corner, I managed to overtake @PaulB1991 and @R.A.J. as the last one made a little mistake. P6, focus on catching up the 6 cars battle for P2, 2s ahead :D

L25 : rich mode till the end, supersoft, I join the party for P2 ease. 1 lap later, I put the presure on @amdavies and @Ely' . They both hit each other so they've gone out of the track. P4 (y)

L27 : @KurvZ and @Quincy ahead. T1, KurvZ braked slightly late and hit Quincy. P3. As he was on old mediums, and I was aware I will struggle in the last laps of the race, I tried to overtake him quick but unfortunatly he well defended his position. @aeN give me some pressure as well

L28 : Awesome battle. Still behind Quincy, Ely had no trouble to catch us up. This time I was just looking in my mirrors to try to keep that P3

L29 : Ely makes the move at the outside in the second sector final corners and takes P3 which actually is P2 as Quincy got a time penalty. I cross the finish line in P4 which means P3 (y)

Massive luck which gives me an awesome result in an hopeless race :D



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Jan 5, 2017
Wow guys, I have to say this is by far the best race I've had.

Beginning with the fact I had a really bad setup, no grip at all and the car just didn't feel good. The only benefit I had with this setup was the straight line speed.

Now with that being said I knew I had the benefit on the straights, so since I started on the softs I tried to stay out as long as possible but after 9 laps it was time to pit. I went for the mediums.

After the second safety car people started pitting and I had to react on that, do I pit for the SS or S or do I stay out. I decided to stay out which made me come on P1 behind the safety car. After doing some calculations about my tires and how long the SC would stay outside I came to the conclusion that I would have to drive Lean as much as possible to drive the remaining laps after the SC on rich. I knew I had the straight line benefit and whit driving on rich I would make a chanxe to finish 1st.

Now comes the message "SC in this lap", I am leading the race and ofcourse I slow down so I get a advantage at the start.
It's green light and we resume the race, struggling with the grip I lose a place and fall into 2nd place. I could see the guys behind me where on SS and S so I knew they were quicker in the corners. After seeing them come closer every corner I knew it all had to come to my defending skills.

In every corner I defended as best as I could and pushing as hard as I can on the straights. After defending the last 6-7 laps I managed to stay 2nd for the whole time but unfortunately due of a 3 sec penalty I falled back to 6th place.

But it was a epic battle for 2nd place I have to say.

Ctzn Ely

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Mar 6, 2017
Looking at your summaries, nobody felt comfortable with his car on this race :rofl:


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Jul 4, 2015
Really sorry for the problems that were caused by me having to rejoin the lobby. It wasn't an internet issue, I went to hit record and nothing happened. Pressed Alt-Z and the game crashed but locked me out of the computer so I had to restart. Turns out Geforce Experience had decided to turn off the share function which 5 minutes before that, was switched on... :facepalm:

Onto the race itself, really wasn't expecting much because of having a default setup so I took my time at the start to re-learn the car which in the end, worked in my favour as I noticed quite a few people were struggling on certain corners.

Had a worrying moment near the end as the two cars in front of me had a collision and in seeing somebody else that might have got involved (and ending up doing so) I decided to take a risk and get passed asap on the fast left right at the end of Sector 2. This again worked for me as if I hadn't have gotten past them, I would've been caught up in it too!

All in all (excluding the second SC) it was really enjoyable race. Lots of extremely fair and aggressive driving (I mean aggressive in the nice way, not the over the top way) and if it's like this all season, I can see this being really enjoyable which is what we're all here for!

Anyway, here's a link to the video.. it's the full race but it has time stamps in so if you want to skip to certain parts, you can do. Thanks guys, congrats to @Scott_Aitchison on a great win and see you all on Sunday! (y)

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Mar 6, 2017
Sorry for upping this thread but I waited for the final results to make the graphics standings :p

AOR Bahrain Drivers'.png

AOR Bahrain Constructors'.png
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