PS4 - Round 2 - Bahrain Grand Prix - AOR Hype Energy North American F1 Leagues - Season 1 |

PS4 Round 2 - Bahrain Grand Prix - AOR Hype Energy North American F1 Leagues - Season 1


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Apr 9, 2017
Qualy: P18
Race: DNF

*Qualy lap and Full Race video at the bottom*

Pre-Race Interview: My race in the European league went well. Qualied all the way back in P16, but managed to fight my way into the points, so the confidence was running pretty high as a result.

Qualy (0:00) - Couldn't tell you what happened here. A 1:30.606 was plain awful, and I thought I put together a decent lap. Way off pace compared to my race earlier in the day. Odd. Guess I'll have to fight my way up to the points again.

LIGHTS OUT! (5:00) - Average start off the line. Decided to hold position and take it easy thru the first couple of turns. Fell to last but all cars made it thru.

Lap 1 (5:55) - Approaching Turn 8 I manage to overtake @caddiedamus and @No_Ideas for P16.

Lap 2 (7:20) - @caddiedamus manages to overtake down exiting Turn 2 and Turn 3, but end up switching positions again for P15 at Turn 5 and Turn 6.

Lap 3 (8:35) - PUCKER FACTOR = 10. Approaching Turn 1, following behind @William11, I'm suddenly greeted with a missing 150m braking board, causing me to start braking at 100m with a full fuel tank. Not good. I brake hard and easily see myself slamming into the back of @William11. However, I notice a gap between William and @jlug331221. I juke to the right and somehow manage to split the gap with no damage to anyone except my ego. Phew, that could have been A LOT worse...

Lap 3 (10:00) - Close call with @gordow3497 while trying to enter the pits. I should have thought better of being on the inside exiting the final turn.

Lap 4 (10:20) - Some fun battling with my teammate @caddiedamus.

Lap 9 (18:40) - Up into P9 now using a longer strategy. Following close behind @theevilisback @zemoglis and @amessennator I have a front-row seat to some great battling. Personally, I'm hoping for a mistake to be made by someone so I can capitalize.

Lap 10 (19:45) - Now it's kicking off! @kingbrat20010 joins the fray as we all have DRS approaching Turn 1. @zemoglis appears to missing the braking point and gets loose as @kingbrat20010 dives to the inside. I move right to avoid @zemoglis as he slides into the sidepod of @theevilisback and into the rear of King. I barely manage to slip by towards the outside. @Owen Walker survives as well and stays along side approaching Turn 4 and overtakes. Down to P10, but the battling continues now with @Owen Walker @kingbrat20010 and @theevilisback.

Lap 10 (20:50) - THE END OF DAYS... following behind @kingbrat20010 and @caddiedamus close behind me we exit Turn 13. @caddiedamus closes the gap quickly exiting the turn. Straightened out and shifting into 5th gear, suddenly my car starts to veer left and without almost 0 time to react I'm into the wall, missing a front wing and a wheel. DNF...

*I literally sat in my seat and stared at the TV wondering what just happened that quickly? @caddiedamus apologized after the race and explained that somehow his wing was caught on the rear of my car, and when he tried to back off my car turned off-track. Chalk that up to the contact model. Unfortunate, but that's racing. Everyone got to enjoy a VSC for a little while though. Time to play cameraman.*

Lap 13 (25:10) - Battling between @gbrune @amessennator and @kingbrat20010.

Lap 17 (30:40) - Scrapping between @xxEGamerxx and @Seca

Lap 18 (32:50) - @gordow3497 and @Owen Walker

Lap 20 (35:55) - @xxEGamerxx and @kingbrat20010

Lap 21 (36:40) - @gordow3497 and @amessennator

Lap 24 (41:50) - @gordow3497 and @zemoglis

Lap 29 (49:30) - Victory lap for @diegozc1989

Post - Race Interview: Very unfortunate for my DNF considering a couple of points could have been possible, but hey, it happens. Chin up and looking forward to China (although I'm not a fan of the circuit).

Congrats to @diegozc1989 on the win!
Congrats to @Owen Walker and @Seca on rounding out the podium!

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Sep 3, 2018
Had a good race throughout. Qualified P10 and finished P5. Was happy with the result. Looking forward to China.


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Sep 29, 2018
So since there are a bunch of other nicely made posts I figured I'd do the same :)

Q: 13

Qualifying (28:10): I don't get it. I was behind two people that I had to keep braking for to avoid hitting, yet somehow this was my fastest lap (maybe the drafting made up for all of that?) I didn't expect to qualify near the pole, but I did expect at least a top 10.... the following laps were just a bunch of simple mistakes that would ruin the rest of the lap, I ended up with a 1:30.509.
Formation Lap (44:40): Apparently getting rammed into from behind got me removed from formation... whatever, now I'm just tilted and determined to do well in the race.
Actual Race (50:00): Got a good jump on @Seca , but had to play it REALLY safe into turn one to avoid just about everyone around me. Moved up a few spots to P10 by the end of sector one, and was on @Mclarenman 's tail for a LONG time.

Lap 2 (51:54): P9 - Everything's looking good, lots of fuel to burn and I'm keeping close with the cars in front of me while creating a bit of a gap to those behind me. Got incredibly close to @Mclarenman a few times, but no harm, no foul. Eventually went 3 wide into the back straight, but had to hold off to avoid wrecking and kept P9

Lap 3 (53:30): P9 - A heavily braking @Mclarenman and I can't react quick enough around turn one causes me to damage my wing, but it seems to be little to really cause much in terms of loss of time (Yes you'll hear me complaining about the braking a lot). Passed an accident in the second DRS zone to move up to P8, everything still going pretty smooth while I get used to the now lack of handling and hand myself a second warning.

Lap 4 (55:05): P6 - Suddenly I'm sitting in the points thanks to more cars pitting due to damage? I being to play really passive while getting used to how the car handles. I watch @Seca FLY by me as I let him pass cause I had no intention of ruining his run while I'm struggling for grip. Still running Rich 100% of the laps so I'm keeping close to Mclarenman.

Lap 5 (56:40): P7 - Still trying to pass Mclarenman, I eventually found a gap on turn 4, but he shuts the gap and causes me to spin, costing me 4 spots and a LOT of dirt on the tires, and more damage to boot. Angrily talk to my viewer who is basically becoming my spotter and chug on.

Lap 6-8: Uneventful passage of cars who were in pit lane, more catching up, @Jason007 getting close while I enjoy my broken nose, but still gaining on @zemoglis.

Lap 9 (1:03:05): P8 - The fun finally begins this lap. I've closed my gap and suddenly I'm having a blast racing alongside two people. Their fighting has let me negate 5 seconds in 4 laps. By the end of the lap we're neck and neck and Jason's got a front row seat to all the action and I'm fighting to keep 7th (Also my best pass ever at 1:03:50, negated by a 3 second penalty thanks to the bad wing).

Lap 10 (1:04:40) P7 - In the points, thinking things are going great for the damage and what not. I see Kingofkings fly into someone and suddenly there's a bunch of people around me. I let him pass since I know his tires are newer but take the spot back a few turns later. We're now fighting neck and neck around the track, with mr sN1p on my butt for a long while.

Lap 11 (1:06:15) ***LANGUAGE ALERT, THROWN ITEMS ALERT*** P7 - Coming down the straight, sN1p is still on my back right wheel, with almost no room for me to budge. Jason just got taken out on the previous turn (didn't even notice this until like 5 minutes later when my spotter told me for the 5th time). I go to make some adjustments and veered slightly to the right, which caused him to spin me out and into the wall while overcorrecting... thus ending my first race.

Immediate reaction: Anger. I was set for the rest of the race, potentially able to go for points in a race I went into with very low expectations (think Sauber last year level of expectations) and was sitting in the points at the 1/3 point.

After cooling off I realized I was able to race against people who clearly play this at a much higher level than I consider myself at, and hopefully once I get my wheel set up and get enough practice in with that I'll be able to get that finesse in on some of the turns ;)

Can't wait to see if I get to do stuff again, China's next, one of my favorite tracks, so..... can people plz not show? :)
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