Round 2 British Grand Prix [03/05 20:00] |

Round 2 British Grand Prix [03/05 20:00]


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Jan 14, 2014
First i'd just like to apologize to @RyanL83 and @armstrong182, i was very late turning up to race, hadnt seen forums so wasnt aware you guys was available, welcome back @armstrong182, looking forward to them epic battles once again :D

Qualifying went well and same for race aswell, was behind @Hoff all the first stint, pretty much ditto the race i had with Beyond, just couldnt quite complete the overtakes but managed to jump Hoff in pitlane and then was all about chasing down the top 2, took @Innitialization on last lap and got race win due to @F1LS MoNsTeR|ak with a time penalty.

2nd race was one to forget, started down in 10th, all was ok until turn 3 where @Beppo with changing racing lines in the braking zone, which forced me to take avoiding action and causing me to lock up in the process and put me into the sidepod of 2 other cars then i spun from the sidepod glitch which put me way down in last place, managed to climb to 6th, so not too bad considering i was way behind from start.
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Feb 8, 2014
All good AJ, I managed to get in with Gillons lot and let's just say that I'm definitely split 2 pace nice to be 2 seconds off pole :facepalm: ha
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Jan 14, 2014
@AJ No problem mate, next time I'll join the teamspeak channel so I don't get kicked again for being in the wrong car haha!

I'm looking forward to more battles with you. Maybe one of these days you'll win one of them :p
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Sep 30, 2014
@Beppo 6.40, yeah I liked it.;)