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XB1 Round 2 - Malaysian Grand Prix

CRL Rosberg

Formula 4 1st Driver
Feb 4, 2016
Thanks @Finch for guiding him, but @CRL Rosberg please do be aware of the following part from the rules:


'2.6 In-Game Disqualification
If you are disqualified from the race in-game, submit your full race footage to the stewards. If we feel that the disqualification was justified, it will remain. However if we feel that the disqualification was unfair, or a result of a game glitch, then you will be classified as the last finisher and score full points for that position."
Okay, will get on that

Andrei Codreanu

F1 Senna Equivalent
Jun 12, 2014
Well than it's a no-brainer, that there is nothing to appeal here. The classification as per race result shown from the game will apply to him, in case he disconnected.


F1 Senna Equivalent
Jan 13, 2014
To me ot depends on where Rosberg DSC'd on the last lap. Disconnecting at turn 1 on the last lap is very different from disconnecting when coming through the final corner of the race. To take Hakkinen's example in Spain in 2001, his engine expired in the first sector and he stopped at turn 8, less than half way through the lap. If Rosberg was more than halfay through his last lap or in sector 3, he should be awarded the win on merit. If he wasnt, then it's a different matter.

Brendon Leigh

2-time AOR F1 Champion & F1 Esports Champion
Mar 4, 2016
some thing people were looking away from as well is that rosberg was lagging all race. after my mistake from going onto the wets again and not the inters when i got onto the back of him i couldn't put my self in a position to pass because his car was lagging. in my opinion if we want to argue all the ifs and buts about what the end result would of been i can argue that his lag cost me time.