Round 2 - Malaysian Grand Prix |

Round 2 - Malaysian Grand Prix


Feb 26, 2014
Had a decent qualifying. 4 tenths away from my PB was a improvement compared to Australia. ;)
The race was kinda dissapointing as I made 2 big silly mistakes which overall cost me 5 positions.
Even though my race pace was surprisingly good.
I got rammed into turn 1 at the start that caused a bit of carnage around me as I almost lost control over my car.
For pretty much the rest of the race I had some battles especially with Brodway on the last 10-5 laps.
I think I lagged quite a lot on your screens so apologies for that!
See y'all at China next week. A track I kinda enjoy to drive. :)


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Jan 14, 2014
I've not quite had the pace here, but a bug in qualifying that booted me out after my first flyer, kind of put any halt on a decent qualifying result. The race was good, a few lagsplosions in the first couple of laps, but it seemed to settle down afterwards. Had good duels with a number of people, with fair and clean racing. at0mtz and waht waht kept me honest the whole race, while trying to catch Beyond, who was speeding off in to the distance.

Looking forward to China, grats on the victory Husain!


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Jan 14, 2014
Beyond, I told you the only thing you're gonna get this season is 2nd! :p


Mar 18, 2014
really happy with first win! (first on many I hope)
qualy was easy but race was much more tough as Beyond was sticking with me. On the last stint he was always between 1.5 and 2 sec behind.
looking forward to China