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PC Round 21 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix [24/03/19 8:00pm]


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Jan 14, 2014
Q 2nd (US) 1:35.640
So close to pole just 0.013 behind despite the tyre disadvantage.

R 3rd (US-SS)
Great start from 2nd place and took the lead before turn 1 followed by @Cramps for the first few laps.
@Cramps got passed on lap 3 on the first DRS straight but I was able to re pass on the second DRS straight.
Not sure what happened after that cause @Cramps dropped back and I was able to pull out a 4.5 second lead.

I was scheduled to pit on lap 11 but I decided the tyres still felt good so I would do another lap then as I came round turn 3 exactly the same as the previous 11 laps and exactly the same as I had done 28 times in practice on Friday for some reason the rear end just decided it didn't want to grip anymore and I spun straight in to the wall, I though the race was over as I was spinning but luckily I just lightly damaged my wing but I had lost about 10 seconds from spinning so I dropped behind @Cramps and @menk to 3rd.

Pitted at the end of that lap and rejoined in 8th quickly passing @SLI with DRS for 7th but then I got caught up in the fight between @Kane Jr and @Steve Jackson which lost me a lot of time and very nearly got taken out when @Hinyaldee locked up and lost control in the final sector luckily I saw the arrow coming and managed to turn out of the corner otherwise we would have had a repeat of Italy.

Once I had got passed @Steve Jackson and @Kane Jr had pitted I was 22 second behind @Cramps and @menk but I knew Cramps had at least 3 seconds so my only hope of getting 2nd in the championship was to close the 13 second gap to @Billamy and @Partyfuchs and hope @menk would beat @Cramps .

The next 10 laps were very sweaty probably 10 of the best laps I've done all season as I closed down the gap which I managed to do helped by having 3 or 4 laps fresher tyres and I passed @Partyfuchs on lap 26 and half a lap later passed @Billamy who was struggling with a damaged wing having crashed earlier on in the lap so on lap 27 I had finally got back up to 3rd place.

Crossed the line 3rd and luckily for me @Cramps had enough penalties to relegate him to 2nd behind @menk so I just stayed in front by 2 points.

Its been a good season I'll do a proper post in the main thread so I'll just say thanks for the close racing tonight and hopefully see some of you in S17. :)

Highlights. :)


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Aug 30, 2018
What a exciting finale that was.

Sadly there was not much time to practice (i guess thats why i got one penalty after another). Came home from work yesterday and cobbled a setup together. Had to decide aggressive or safe, decided for the former. A good decision.

Q: P3 with US. It was very close between @iJokeri22, @Partyfuchs and me, but i was happy and felt pretty confident after that.

R: Had a very good start. Gladly we made it through turn 1 in one piece. Managed to get in front of @Partyfuchs who had to go wide as @iJokeri22 and me were hugging the inside of the corner. First lap was madness (in a positive sense) with @Partyfuchs @iJokeri22 and me fighting it out on the long straight. After the dust settled i had some great overtaking action with @iJokeri22 who came out on top. On Lap 3 i had a screen freeze on the long straight, so i got thrown out of the DRS window and my US tyres were just giving up on me. Struggled for the rest of the first stint and @iJokeri22 did well to form a 4,5s gap. Meanwhile i was under pressure from @Billamy in p3, who kept coming closer. I knew his HS tyres would give up any moment, but he held on pretty long. After that @menk was right behind me and as i knew he was a very fast driver, that didn't make my life much easier.

On Lap 12 @iJokeri22 spun out in turn 3. I knew that could happen because i decided for an agressive setup, i had to lift the throttle there since the beginning and was even more cautious towards the end of the first stint. Obviously i felt that could be my chance to get p2 in the championship, but the race was not over at that point - far from it. Pitted in lap 12 with @menk right behind me. The SS tyres felt great right from the start, much better than the US. Battled it out with @menk till the end of the race, even though i knew he had no penalties and i was at 9s. It was a lot of fun regardless. Very close but clean racing from both sides. Thought p2 would be enough, but as you know already @iJokeri22 put in an insane second stint and managed to get p3. Congrats to you for p2 in the champtionship. It was so close in the end. Really exciting stuff here at my first AOR season, thanks for that. Btw, @Billamy 10s penalty for corner cutting in one go? WHAT THE HELL? :ROFLMAO:

All in all im really happy with my p3 in the championship. Managed to get 3 race wins and some more podiums. I didn't expect that, especially after a DNF in Australia and p8 in Bahrain. Then China happend. Started in p2 even though i had an incredible bad hangover. My first win. Sadly my pace was very bad in the middle of the season. I changed some things (camera for example) from USA and onwards and flew from there to one podium after another. There was a lot of great racing throughout the season. I never had any serious incidents with someone. It was always very fair, well, for the most part. Best race was Silverstone for sure. There was so much fighting and overtaking, then the Safety Car towards the end - exciting stuff.

With that i wanna thank you all for the good times. Special thanks to @Hinyaldee for organizing everything and, ofcource, to @Erti147 who kept on 'crom(p)ing' me to a few victories. I really enjoyed watching the broadcasts after the races. I'm looking forward to another season, but i just finished university last week, quit my job and i'm planning to move without a real idea were to go next. So it wouldn't be fair to sign up for next season, knowing i might have to quit at some point. Maybe i will join later mid season, but i have to see how things turn out. I'm definately gonna sign up for S 18 on F1 2019, and i hope to see some familiar faces. I probably get a wheel again until then, so i don't have to fiddle with those small controller sticks and get less penalties, because it's always a hit or miss like that. :D

But it's not a goodbye as i stick around on the forums. Maybe we'll race eachother in some socials or even play something else in the meantime. As @Maxxwil said in another thread, don't be a stranger.


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Dec 7, 2017
@Cramps I smashed into the wall after the fast left-right in sector one, and after I caught the car I locked up on the upcoming chicane. I uploaded the clip in this thread. I don't think the penalty matters anyway though. Oh well, I will do better next season!
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Apr 29, 2015
My race started well, going up to P8 in the first laps. When the tires started to slip more, i spun two times and so i was at the end of the field. Couldnt get the pace after my stop and crashed, as i hit the inside wall at sector 3.

It was a hard season for me, as i couldnt get pace after switching from controller to wheel. Was nearly everytime last and made many mistakes. But it was a nice season with you guys, so thank you for that. ;)