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PC Round 21 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix [24/03/2019]


S16 AOR PC Assist League 3 Champion
May 22, 2018
Well the season comes to a close, after a chaotic evening :ROFLMAO:. I like to thank the everyone for making this a fun experience and I wish you all the best in your future F1 races. I'll be keeping an eye out for you guys in the future.

Thanks for being a good co-ordinator to us @Delta2611.

If your interested to watch. Me, @Delta2611, @Taraku24, @CubaTheGreatest, @Cohen Blake @CrimE will be participating in a 24hr Nürburgring endurance race on the 2nd May. Keep an eye out on our twitch channel's if your interested.


Pro Karter
Aug 25, 2018
Thanks for the league guys. I joined the league at Baku. It was great fun. I need to work on my pace and consistency for the next league :geek: Thanks for the coordination. Hope to see you guys next season :D
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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Aug 31, 2018
What can I say, yeah ok the last race was a bit messed up BUT, this season has been so much fun and i am so happy to have been a part of it.
There have been up and downs for everyone at some point in the season but even after when things got a little high rate we still pulled together and bonded as competitors and friends (thats right you are my friends now whether you like it or not!)
I have met some great people from this league and I hope we all keep in touch, good luck to everyone in the future whether that be in another league or together again for another season.

Thank you all so much for this amazing experience I wont forget it.

Delta don't report me for leaving :)


Pro Karter
Dec 7, 2018
Great races guys, thanks for everything. Have been quite unlucky in most of them sadly, but for sure got more experience under my belt now and cannot wait for the next season !

Also good job to our amazing coordinator @Delta2611