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XB1 Round 3 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix [29/04/18 8.00pm]


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Nov 19, 2017
Quali: P2 again but a lot further off P1 this time. Maybe a bit too cautious in the castle section which lost me a lot of time

Race: Finished p2 again. Got off the line well but lag meant I made contact with TyTEI and I slowed down completely to let him back past so dropped down to 6th. Had to pit on first lap due to wing damage but after that, had a solid race. Pitted onto inters a lap early I would say and (stupidly) pit onto the wets. If I didnt make that final stop, I reckon I could've won but oh well... hopefully learn from it. Overall, good race.

Wont be racing next week either but have a great race everyone :)
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