PS4 - Round 3 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix - Sunday 29th April (8:00PM UK TIME) |

PS4 Round 3 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix - Sunday 29th April (8:00PM UK TIME)


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Aug 22, 2016
Standings prediction:
1. @HoinkDoink - 10 correct
2. @Carcanon - 7 correct
3. @syluntbob - 6.5 correct
4. @Iestyn rhys - 5 correct
5. @kerkinator1996 - 4 correct

After the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Pole position: @Vintage_DG
Time pole position: 1.40.6

1: @Vintage_DG
2: @Carcanon
3: @Iestyn rhys
Best team: Ferrari @kingbrat20010 & @syluntbob (Close call, could've been Force India also)
Most places gained: @Benmorgan
Most places lost: @Ivorbrynmike
Fastest lap: @Nozza_95
Ferrari for the constructors championship, heard it hear first!! lol @kingbrat20010


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Sep 12, 2017
Quali P8
Race DNF
Not much to say quali was ok was a little bit off what I expected in terms of lap time was hoping for a mid-high 41
As for the race I bottled it well and truly on the exit of turn 3 just a bit to eager on the throttle and the walls of Baku claimed it's 1st victim. A top 5 finish was on the cards maybe even a battle for the podium but a driver error ended that quickly.

After the 1st 3 race's I've come to the conclusion that I am the bottlejob of the league great pace in practice sessions and the TT nowhere near on race day see you in Bahrain where I will preform a magic trick and make a second of pace disappear
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Feb 18, 2017
Q - 13 - Tried to qualify 11, so I would be in the best position on softs and to a S,SS strategy and be faster at the end

R - 11 - Got caught up in an incident at the first corner with @Jarryd Vermeulen as he was coming back onto the track and got knocked into @Nozza_95 with both of us losing our front wing, so struggled back to the pits to try a recovery drive and then got disconnected from the lobby, managed to rejoin but lost a few position due to the disconnection, I think if I had one more lap I would've been able to put pressure on @Texho in 10th because I think he had a damaged wing right at the end there but well done for hanging on :)

Well done to @Vintage_DG on another win and to @Carcanon and @Iestyn rhys on 2nd and 3rd.
Well done to @Nozza_95 on getting the fastest lap
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