XB1 - Round 3 - Bahrain Grand Prix [15/10/17 8:00pm] | ApexOnlineRacing.com

XB1 Round 3 - Bahrain Grand Prix [15/10/17 8:00pm]

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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Jan 18, 2014
Not a bad race at all.

Quali: Went out on my first run with the SS and my custom setup, not sure if it actually was though it might've been changed to default. That got me on the front row, but then on the second run I noticed it put me on default setup so I came into the pits as I didn't want to start the race on the default setup because I would've done if I set a faster time, so I dropped to P6.

Race: Starting 6th on the grid, I got a pretty good start and went past my team mate to the left of me. I moved to the left to put myself on the outside going into turn 1, I was just behind on the left of @AOR Charlie who got hit to the left so I had to take avoiding action and cut turn 2. Rest of the race went pretty smoothly, at one point I had overtaken a McLaren and going into turn 3 I think he missed his braking point and went into the back of me and almost sent me into a spin but I saved it pretty nicely. Had a good battle with @Rcfly3r1 for 3rd but during the second stops I think he fell back not sure what happened to him but I went onto the faster tyre anyway so had the position secured. Caught up to the back @SimplyAPanda who was on the slower tyre, one more lap and I reckon I could've been battling him for 2nd. Unfortunate to here my team mate @IS Vandoorne has received a penalty that moves him down to third but that means second for me and only a 1 point gap in the championship!:smuggrin: