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PC Round 3 - Chinese Grand Prix [25/08/2019 8:00pm UK]


Formula 4 Test Driver
Oct 13, 2018
Congratulations to @spawnieSTAR and @RomainF183 for the podium.
Finally a satisfying win and a hat-trick. :)
Last 10 laps was just trying to run away from super quick Spawnie. A little mistake could cost me that win. I was sweating like crazy.
That was unfortunate incident for @Schwalbe, we could have a nice battle for the win.
Next is Baku and we know this one is going to be intresting :p
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F1 Coordinator
Staff member
F1 Coordinator
Jun 14, 2018
Hello everyone!
First of all thank you so much again for letting me in AOR as a reserve a great opportunity for me to race among the great people.

And also to @Schwalbe @Kereka @spawnieSTAR i really apologize for my very defensive move on the long straight, it was even worse than i imagine it was when i made a huge mistake damaging @Schwalbe frontwing and ruin his race, it wasn't intentional action to do damage to other drivers or being a dirty driver! You see the move often on F1 on the straights, but i do not yet have the skills to pull it off good, so i wont do that anymore! From now on i will be more careful and be respectful driver. I take fully responsibility for my actions and cannot undo that it happend. But i will suck it in and take the criticism and will learn from it to be better.

I hope that you will take my apology and forgive me for my actions.
If not, then it's what it is, i have to move on from this.

Once again thanks for showing the footage of the dangerous move.

- Mark
i forgive you but pls dont do it again
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