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PC Round 4 - Bahrain Grand Prix


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Sep 21, 2017
Oh man, bad memories for sure. I was so excited for COTA last season, damn those intermediates on lap two :(


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Dec 16, 2017
I also upload the video of my race because it was really strange and fun (p12 to p2) :) The quality is not the best, because I usually prefer not to stress the pc during the race.

Bad qualifications (slow cars ahead of me, and my mistakes) so I choose to start with medium tires. At the start after the first corner I was p13. After 4 laps I find myself p6 and I understand that maybe I chose the right strategy.
At min 6:30 I was afraid of dying :)
Beautiful fight with @Kryxeno in the first 11 laps. Thanks to his wake I was able to keep a good race pace. Unfortunately I was wrong not to stop a lap before and in the last laps I took a stupid penalty in the corner 13. Maybe I could win, but was good @Raining Thunder to push to the end (y)

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Feb 23, 2018
The race was so disappointing for me because i had weird connection and game freeze problems in all the quali and the race.

I had a really good start but the guys in front of me had an interesting accident and i had to slow down. I wonder why @Agent Smith didn't slow down and give the positions back to leaders after cutting the first 2 corners massively.

In the first laps lag issues hit me more and lost many positions because of that. On lap 10 i made a mistake and my game froze just at the same time when i made the mistake and i couldn't save it. I broke my front wing and lost much more time. After that had a good battle with @MIKEZ0R .

If @Corne011 didn't crash the gap between us would be like 30 points, unlucky for him. Congrats to @Raining Thunder for the win.

And highlights of my race: