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PC Round 4 - Chinese Grand Prix [27/09/20 20:00 UK]


Formula 4 Reserve Driver
Sep 6, 2019
Awful race...bad qualification, bad first stint with soft tyres with no pace, I decided to stop at lap 5 and try 2 stops with medium then soft tyres. But it was a nightmare, I finished the race with my dead tyres. :cry:


Jordy van Oosten

F1 1st Driver
Sep 12, 2016
Q: 7
The pace against the others wasn't really here but I know I had the pace for the race.
R: 3
On the start in Turn 1, I had to avoid the AlphaTauri of @Zeerovert and i turned on the left, in which I hit @Jordy van Oosten , as he was in my blind spot. So sorry again Jordy.
So my plan for this was damage compensation. After the crash I was P13 and I overtook some cars before I pitted after lap 6 on hards.
After a fight against @AsthenicPine339 and some others pitting I was P4. After @MisterJasper spun out, the Red Bull of @Akenari overtook me for P3 on new softs, but he had a 3 seconds time penalty, so I just need to stay behind him and stay in front of @Blue Inquisitor , who was on fresher hards. On the final lap I still managed to fight against Blue Inquisitor and have the upper hand against him and so it was P3. I may had the pace to win but this was also good.
You have no idea how pissed i was after messing up qually, getting hit in t1, and disconnecting from my own lobby.... But this made my evening whole again. That bear dude! Awesome


F1 Coordinator
Staff member
F1 Coordinator
Dec 7, 2016
Well done for getting it all done guys, sorry not been here last two weekend. Hope it all went okay, I'll be back for this weekends race round Zandvoort. I'll get both standings and race thread up tomorrow!