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XB1 Round 4 - Spanish Grand Prix


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Nov 20, 2015
Salvaged what I could from a disastrous qualifying.

Before we started I was having set up issues and for whatever reason I thought I would be able to change between set ups during the qualifying session :confused::confused::confused:

I went out and was pushing the car to the limit, basically done an installation lap if you like, this destroying the tyres.

After I realised I was stuck with this set up, I planned to do a very slow lap on primes and start on those. Left the pits and found out I had the tyre glitch when it doesn't change your tyres. Retired from the session.

Then to make it worse, despite not setting a lap time the game forced me to start on options that were ****ed.

Managed to scramble through the race, making the strategy up as I went along but in the end it all came good and I finished 3rd.

At some points the lag was ridiculous, thought I had lagged out on a couple of occasions.

Not a bad race though, got no penalties so that's progress. Felt comfortable around there on strict rules.
Yeah that got close towards the end and your car was lagging abit when we were battling in the middle of the race so I don't know if there was any contact or anything.