Round 5: Korean Grand Prix [24/05 20:00] |

Round 5: Korean Grand Prix [24/05 20:00]


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Jan 12, 2014
I had a good night on Sunday - very happy with my pace, with Korea being one of my better tracks (I'm probably one of the few who people who are sad it's gone from the calendar now lol).

Took a clear pole in the first race and - despite getting shunted like 5 metres off the track at turn 1 - managed to remain ahead and pull away a solid lead out in front. Then, soon after having passed half race distance, the usual Race 1 disconnection happened again... :cry:

Then in Race 2 I started from 8th and had some fun picking my way through the field. By the time I got up to 2nd, @Partyfuchs had a 8-second lead which I didn't think I'd be able to catch as I wasn't that much quicker at the start of the 2nd stint. However I started properly focusing and got into the zone, putting in some very good laps, and ended up catching Party quite quickly in the final few laps.

With 2 laps to go, I was 3 seconds behind, at which point I thought it was over, but I somehow caught 2 seconds on that lap which put me into DRS range for the final one. Used DRS to get up the inside of Party into the hairpin, but he did the cutback and got a much better exit onto the next straight to retake the lead. I then put the pressure on through the 2nd sector and somehow managed to hang it around the outside of turn 10 to get the inside for the double left hander, where I managed to get myself ahead after some more side by side! I then almost bottled it by running wide on the penultimate corner, but Party luckily wasn't close enough to take advantage, so I came home to take the win after an intense chase! Great little battle @Partyfuchs :)

PS: Sorry to the people who saw my car lagging in the second race. I really don't know why my computer is seemingly causing me to lag, as I have no issues on Xbox - or even on my laptop - when on the exact same connection :panda:

Also, fair play to @Innitialization for retiring from the first race to drop a few points - I hope we can have a proper title battle in Brazil without disconnection issues etc :)


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Feb 25, 2015
hey guys. I'm so sorry that I missed so many races without telling you. I was travelling for a while and just forgot to post it or to tell you. I made the decision to travel around in about one day and had to pack my bag really fast and had no time to tell you. Next race I'll be back !