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PC Round 5 - Monaco Grand Prix [21/05/2017 - 8:00pm UK time]


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Apr 16, 2014
At least you were not involved in any incident at Turn 1 lol
Yeah that was the plan keep my nose clean and stay away from the walls, but my pace was terrible at least 1.8 sec slower than my praccy races so I think maybe I loaded the wrong setup :( wouldn't be the first time
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Sep 11, 2016
You spin me right round, baby right round.....

Amazingly didn't totally get crashed out but was pretty much race over.
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May 19, 2017
Well better late than never ;)
Here is my POV of the race as I saw lots of people do uploads for it. Thought I record it why don't I also do something with it.
Also a quick summary:

First my qualifying lap. Was happy to at least put in a quite decent lap in the end after breaking two front wings in the two flying laps before. Still I wasn't really happy with the lap as I was driving 1:30 flats just before the race. But being a bit carefull managed to get me a P7 on the grid.

Being really careful in turn 1 I started the race, resulting in a small gap to the car in front of me. As I managed to close the gap I wanted to apply some pressure and bottled it immediatly :p. Resulting in an orange front wing at the end of lap 6. As it felt better as expected driving the car with this damage I decided to stick to my 1 stop strategy and did a pitstop at lap 13. I lost some time due to the broken front wing but was still in a nice points paying position.

After the pitstop I had some good pace and came close to @KurvZ, which fortunately pitted at the end of lap 19 just as I reached him ;). I could continue in clean air, but lap by lap I saw the man of the comeback of the day closing in. @Craigieboy closed the gap on me at lap 27 and I managed to keep him behind me till lap 33. By placing my car nicely and focusing on my exits this was possible, but finally he was too close to me after the last turn and managed to pass me on DRS. Well deserved, because he was a lot quicker haha.

Not long after he passed me I messed up my second front wing to yellow by making a small mistake as I wanted to stick to the back of @Craigieboy . After this I decided to drive carefully and bring home a nice 5th place on my debut race. Ran out of fuel just before the finish line, which is going to make me watch my fuel better in Canada haha.

I'm happy with my first points, but I think without damaging my first front wing I could have done some more battling in the front. Hopefully in Canada I can battle with the drivers in the front. See you all in Canada!