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PS4 Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix


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Apr 3, 2018
Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix
AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues - Season 16

Race Information:
Date: Sunday 11th November 2018
Start Time: 8:00pm (UK time)
Circuit: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
Laps: 33

Please try to be online at least 10 minutes before the start time, and await the lobby invite from the League Coordinator and/or the lobby host. Also please ensure your internet connection is in an optimal state at the time of racing.

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Confirmed no-shows:

Jordy Lopez

Pro Karter
Dec 22, 2016
I dont even know how to begin this... got taken out by someone who picked the wrong strategy then when i get up to him, he makes a mistake in t2 then im able to go outside of him in t3 and he never lifts and pushes me off dnfing me. Unbelievable considering i practice with this guy for every fucking round and even in practice he drives over aggressive.... Didnt think he would drive like an idiot for the race but I guess i was wrong.... This makes me so mad considering I had the net lead once everyone made there stops....good job eren..
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Sep 29, 2018
Sorry for the commentary mistakes on the stream tonight guys, not been feeling great all week and think it showed through. Hopefully Monaco will be better!


Formula 4 1st Driver
Oct 11, 2017
QUALIFYING; P8 I think. Qualified on the softs as expected but probably could have improved my time 1 or 2 tenths easily, not bothered by that btw.
RACE: P5 A decent race overall. Tried to stay safe in the first few laps. Then on lap 5 a lot of people were stuck in a very slow train and I lost a bit of my front wing which unfortunately made me switch to a 2 stop. I needed to recover 10 seconds from a worse strategy plus 4 seconds of the front wing change, so yeah, not the spot you want to be on. Nevertheless I pushed quite hard and by lap 23 I was 3rd. I stayed behind proffesional for 5-6 laps with older tyres so that tells me my pace was really good. I pitted for softs and rejoined P9, so now it was time to regain some positions. I managed to overtake a few guys quickly and then tried to catch the podium place train in front of me which I did, unfortunately, with only 2-3 laps remaining. I took 300% advantage of their battling and got P5 on the last lap. A shame there were no more laps, but really happy with the recovery drive and for just finishing 1.8 seconds behind P3 with a 2 stop.
Huge congrats to @jomppalainen for the win. After seeing his qualifying I knew it was his race. Also, congratulations to Slimbo and proffesional for their podium! Monaco is next so I guess it is going to be a survival race


S16 AOR PS4 F4 Champion
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May 6, 2018
@LukeEtheridge95 Commentary was great, as always! Only thing I noticed on was that your not allowed to do softs-softs 1-stop as you have to use 2 different compounds of tyre.

Race Report

Qualifying: Qualifying went very well for me, was hoping I could qualify high up on softs to avoid the supers at the start of the race and got P2 on them with a nice lap. Thought a few more drivers would've tried to qualify on SS, so I went out late on them to eventually cover myself if I dropped down the grid but didn't need to finish the lap in the end.

Race: P1! Lost a position to @frandythomsen at the start to be in P3, but I knew I just had to keep it safe and stay first of the soft-runners til lap 4-5 when either Frandy & All-eren would pit or their tyres would start falling off if they tried to extend them for a 1-stop. @tough_2_handle was close behind but with the slipstream & DRS I got from the front 2 he didn't really get any clear openings. Managed to clear Frandy on lap 3 I think and all-eren pitted a lap later to put me in the lead. Was pushing hard to try and keep @Jordy Lopez out of DRS-range and was around 2 seconds ahead when he pitted, but he caught up to me on the mediums and passed me for the net lead. I think our pace was pretty close so that could've gotten really exciting on the medium stint, but unfortunately jocky had a contact or desync with eren, DNFing.

After that I had the net lead with a decent gap down to @oo7_pROF3SSIONAL and I could take care of my tyres, avoid time-penalties and keep the lead as long as I kept turning in good laps. Made a pair of overtakes on @All_EreN-2000 and @KaneIyanda on that stint, though they were on different strategies and worse rubber at that point. Nice to get a finish on this one as well so will be hoping to keep that up, though Monaco might not be the easiest track to do that on.

Really good recovery drives by some as well, and a special thumbs up to @Hasnain going from P13 to P4 on the grid for some really good points for Williams (Y)

Tobias Eichinger

Semi-Pro Karter
May 7, 2017
Race Report:


had a pretty good run in quali but invalidated it in turn 8 by going a millimeter wide on the exit and the second lap was rather mediocre. I wanted to start on Softs, so had only that 1 lap effectively and it got me the worst starting Position in P10.


Start was amazing, made up 3 places before Turn 1 and scrapped a bit with @Jordy Lopez into turns 4,5. Had a nice Battle with @PedroPMF for a few laps as well. From there it went to absolute :poop: . In the whole SS-runner-Train I think I lagbubbled @tough_2_handle (either that or he slid off that kerb) in T10, my tyres were completely cooking the entire race (I had 110° on my left front o_O), pace was generally not where it should be for me and of course track limits completely took the (insert bad word here) from me, got 5 time penalties (most of them for already loosing time by running wide/sliding but whatever I guess...) which dropped me out of what was P7 on track.

All in all it's what I expected from Spain, a track I always hated in the game as in real life and will continue to do so probably.

GG to @jomppalainen for absolutely smashing it here, after Jordy's DNF you were just gone for good.

McLaren's season isn't exactly glamorous so far, I'll be missing Monaco next week, but I'll be looking to turn things around in Canada.
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Jan 1, 2017
Race Report:
Qualifying - P13
My strategy was to qualify on softs, so I did my first run on mediums. The 2nd lap of that run honestly didn't feel the greatest but it was slightly better than what I was managing in practice on mediums. I left my run on the softs till the end and absolutely messed up, didn't even beat my time on the mediums and that put me 13th on the grid. My PB in practice was a 17.5 which would've had me around 5th but only got myself to blame, maybe I should've done the runs closer together to keep with the flow of the track.

Race - P4
I started on the mediums, didn't have a great start of the line and was cautious going through the first few corners which put me plum last in P17 after S1. Was right behind @xXVik-StarRxX going into T5, when Joe came across from the gravel, I almost came to a stop waiting for him to ghost but Vik hit him clearing a path for me but damaging his wing in the process (bad things seem to happen to Vik when I'm following him, maybe I should do it more often :unsure:). Being at the back meant that I managed to just avoid most of the chaos up ahead as the race unfolded. Was following @KaneIyanda and @SlimboDude for a lot of that first stint, they were having a right ding dong battle which was great to watch but also frustrating as Eren was catching at a significant rate behind. I couldn't really get past either as I was running relatively high downforce (I think) and so just made sure not to overheat the front left. Anyway Slimbo pitted at the end of lap 13 and I managed to get past Kane at the start of lap 15. After that I tried to put in some good laps before my pitstop on lap 19. I came out of the pits just behind @tough_2_handle. A couple of laps later he came in for his 2nd stop. After that I was trying to catch the cars ahead but also trying to make sure I didn't overcook my left front. It sort of paid dividends by the end as I managed to get past @Tobias Eichinger and @HiippariLate. Unfortunately couldn't get Slimbo but in the end P4. Would've been nice to have a podium but given that I was last after sector 1, I'll take it. The penalty is slightly frustrating as the warnings were avoidable but was a good, enjoyable race regardless.
Anyways, congrats to @jomppalainen on bringing it home for the win, well done to @oo7_pROF3SSIONAL for keeping out of trouble in P2 and to @SlimboDude on recovering from his off in the first stint to take the final podium spot.


Sorry for the commentary mistakes on the stream tonight guys, not been feeling great all week and think it showed through. Hopefully Monaco will be better!
Great job on the commentary mate, enjoyed watching it back. Also AZR-Schumacher is Tough-2-Handle's new account.
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F1 Senna Equivalent
Feb 28, 2016
Was right behind @xXVik-StarRxX going into T5, when Joe came across from the gravel, I almost came to a stop waiting for him to ghost but Vik hit him clearing a path for me but damaging his wing in the process (bad things seem to happen to Vik when I'm following him, maybe I should do it more often :unsure:).
No you fucking won't :ROFLMAO:
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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Sep 10, 2017
Race report:
Quali: Decent enough lap, but could have maybe had 2nd, but didnt really matter to much. Thought more people would have started on the SS, but apparently not.
Race: Good start getting ahead of @jomppalainen maybe could have got past eren, but got boxed in. Then the pace on the SS just became retardedly **** so i was making a train and i eventually got passed by jompapalainen. Then i pit on lap 5 and came out in 13th, gained some places here and there, but didnt really get very far into the points, and as everyone else was doing a 1 stop and i did a 2 stop i needed a lot more pace than what i had if i wanted to get points. And on lap 20-25 i was battling with @Schnixel and i understeered wide at turn 4 and hit the grass and spun. And a few laps later i spun while battling with @GJoe_Breezy07 and i pitted at the end of that lap and got lapped by the leaders. Then i was ment to pit to try and go for the fastest lap... but as dumb as i am i forgot i had to do 1 less lap when i was lapped so couldnt even do that.
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Formula Karter
Dec 27, 2015
Race report
And good enough lap to get me into the top 10 but would’ve liked better.
Had a great start and went through the middle of jockin jordy and professional up into P5 and followed the rest closely until the battle kicked off and I broke into T6 later than the rest so to avoid collision I went off the track and ended up in P13. I came through the field and had a great battle with kanelyanda. When I came into pit on lap 13 I came out P12 behind advance Apple. I caught him and taquilo but had to overtake Apple so waited till the straight and got passed but 1.5s behind taquilo and took 7laps to catch him and pass. Whist this was going on hiipari overtook me and stormed off. After I passed taquilo I was pushing hard as the podium was 2s away so was matching hiipari till I started to catch and by that point i wasn’t driving very hard. Once I caught him I had hassain right behind me, then hiipari made a mistake and I went passed and had to maintain pace to the end to stay ahead of hassain. Had fun and was a tremendous comeback


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Apr 5, 2018

35:05 for your reference
It's not lag bubbly or desync. T-Cam is a bit away from your wide front wings which you cannot see ) I am personally using the offset cam adjusted as you can see in my footage. Your wing hit my right rear and going into that corner rear grip is at minimum and tyre temps are at max so a slight oversteer or kick from behind spins you
I was in your position with Jordy and backed off

For the future, in similar corners car infront has the priority for the racing line - racing 101!! It wasn't a place to overtake and you need to back off.

I move on and look forward in terms of my mindset. That is why I did not report this regardless whether action would be taken or not