Round 6 - Brazilian Grand Prix [31/05/15 - 8:00pm] |

Round 6 - Brazilian Grand Prix [31/05/15 - 8:00pm]


F1 1st Driver
Jan 13, 2014
@t3hmightymidg3t. Just looked at the standings (for the 1st time lol) and it seems that if you do get that pen from the 2nd race removed you'll have beaten me to 3rd in the standing's by 7 measly points :arghh:

Whats worse is that even if you don't get the pen removed you'll have still beaten me by but only 3 points :cry:

On that note, Not alot really changes at the top so The provisional final top 3 standings are:

Drivers Champion: @Lester
Runner up: @Smifficle
Third Place: @t3hmightymidg3t

Constructors Champions: Torro Rosso
Runner up: Williams
Third place: Red Bull

Big congratulations to Lester for winning the season 9.5 drivers championship and with his teammate @LiMiTL3SS HD the Constructors title too. A huge thanks to everyone who took part this season and an even bigger thankyou goes to those who DC'd from race 2 at Silverstone so I could win it lolol

Damn you @FisiFan91 you beat me to it by like 2 secsonds lmao :)

Greedy Chris x

Formula 4 Test Driver
Jan 22, 2015
If f1 2015 is more like this game and less like f1 2014 i might take league racing more seriously
Either way i enjoyed all the races and battles i was in and i look forward to any in the future, congratulations to Lest, well deserved champ of this mini season.