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PC Round 6 - British Grand Prix [20/05/2018 08:00PM]


Formula 3 Test Driver
Jun 25, 2017
My race:
First qualy lap was awesome and then I pushed little too much in the next laps. Decided to start the race with harder tires so I have the advantage towards the end. It worked. Managed to get some positions of the start. Lost some time bcs of the new guy in RB. Stayed out a bit longer and when cuming into the pits, there was no speed limit board so I missed braking and got penalty. Was disappointed with that. After pits, I knew I will be faster than guys ahead so I used it. L17 made move on @DackeBerg, bit aggressive but I had no time to waste. While chasing P1, got 3 seconds penalty, but for me it didn't matter anymore bcs I knew I could not win so the rest of the race was like a practice. Managed to catch @Portex (good race m8). Tried around the outside but slight contact and ddint want to divebomb him into last corners. All in all. good race