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PC Round 6 - German Grand Prix [19/05/2019 8PM UK]

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Mar 6, 2017
Round 6 - German Grand Prix
AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues - Season 17

Race Information:
Date: Sunday 19th May 2019
Start Time: 8:00pm (UK time)
Circuit: Hockenheimring
Laps: 34

Please try to be online at least 10 minutes before the start time, and await the lobby invite from the League Coordinator and/or the lobby host. Also please ensure your internet connection is in an optimal state at the time of racing.

Rules & regulations: Before you take to the track in the league race, make sure you are fully aware of the rules & regulations of the leagues. As a driver in our leagues, you are required to do your very best to ensure clean and fair racing at all times.

Lobby settings: If you are unsure about the lobby settings that will be used for the race, look here.

No-shows: If you are unable to attend the race, please inform the League Coordinator and leave a post in this thread BEFORE the race takes place. Note the rules of participation here.

Useful Links:
League Rules
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Race Calendar

Confirmed no-shows:
@MARB (maybe)
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Jan 26, 2014
Results and Standings + Wall of Shame have been updated with the UK Grand Prix results!

Jane Trpkov

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Jan 6, 2019
Q:p6 Obviously didn't expect anything major from me because I suck at qualifying but still got a PB and a 3rd row start so I was very satisfied.

Race:p6 Start was meh but I held on to my position until the punterino happened at T1.I was spun outside the track but luckily I had no damage so I rejoined in last.Now I was mad!So I started to try and catch everyone and by lap 2 I was back in the game.Overtook like 5 people till the end of the race but gained like 12 positions since there was carnage in the midfield.Happy with my race pace but dissapointed knowing that I could have done better.Next race please try to be patient at turn one.


Formula 4 1st Driver
Mar 28, 2018
Q: p8 didn’t expect to be p8 bcause i did only 1 quali session which i bottled. I lost a lot of time on my lap so shouldn’t complain about it.
R: i had a decent start i was on the inside and spun in t1 with wing damage... had to pit for new front wing and put on the mediums. I had pretty **** pace. Pitted for softs overtook some guys but my setup was understeering in t1 so had a lot of warnings there and got 15s of penalties. After all im still a bit frustrated there has never been an AOR race going in my way when i had the pace. Hopefully i can come back better in belgium.


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Feb 2, 2014
Q: hard choice to go for US or S. Eventually ruined my S lap, so it was a poor M lap that was my fastest lap. P13
R: I had been careful in the past and always lost positions in the opening lap so yesterday I had my elbows out a bit. Especially because csdobak was on the medium tyre, and I had to keep him behind to make my strategy work against him. But slight desync lag made him push me 4 times in two corners (nothing on his screen) so he got passed anyway.
Then the target was to keep up with GT McLaren. That worked until lap 16 where Luca used me to make the hairpin, and then spun in the Vettel corner. GT McLaren got 3.6sec free air in one lap because of that and out of reach.
Then @Tiliad closed the gap and I let him by because he seemed faster and I'd try to stay with him. Eventually he got out of DRS and @Jane Trpkov overtook me as well. Near the end Tiliad wanted to let me pass again but did that on a not so smart position and I had wing damage, making the final 2 laps very stressful and chaotic.

Anyway, some people may be more interested in a vid than bla bla, so here are some highlights


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Mar 6, 2017
Pretty disappointing race for me.

Bottled my lap in quali by cutting turn 1, definitely not what I wanted so I had to start from the back of the field. Then I got disqualified from the formation lap for being "too slow" while I was just following @Shaw in front who was also following the queue of cars so that was a BS move from the game.

Took an average start off the grid due to cold tyres because of the formation lap DSQ. Then I had a nice battle with @BlackPanthor in the first laps of the race which was good fun (y) Race was okay until lap 12 when I hit the back of my teammate into turn 2, I didn't think he'd be that slow in the corner but as the car behind I should've been more cautious I guess so that one's on me again. Thankfully he didn't get any damage out of it so it was fine but I had to do 3 laps with a broken front wing which cost me a lot of time. From this moment onwards I was just cruising to the chequered flag as I quickly realised that I wouldn't score any points in this race.

Crossed the line in P12 - definitely not a good performance from my side but pretty obvious result considering my lack of practice this week. That being said, I think a couple of points were possible if I didn't hit my teammate. Hope to get a good result in Belgium though!
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