PS4 - ROUND 6 - MONACO GRAND PRIX [18/11/18 8:00 PM U.K.] |

PS4 ROUND 6 - MONACO GRAND PRIX [18/11/18 8:00 PM U.K.]


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Jan 14, 2014
qualy: Only P11 with a 1.09.1 I think. I was improving my time by 6 tenths on my last lap but I touched the wall at the end of 2nd sector.

Race: I did take the first corner with caution but on the straight there was a car ( a force india I think) blocking the track and half of the field had to wait like 10 seconds to get going again ( just Monaco things hahah). I only had a little bit of my front wing of so I stayed in the track after lap 1.
Race seemed Ok because I was P5 or P6 with a long gap behind me but my pace was an horror with the supers but my aim was to reach lap 20 or so and to go to the end with the ultra. But lap 16 I thing, at the tunnel section I lost half of my front wing. My tyres were so overheated, that I spun at the tunnel ( which is flat out). I box and tried to go to the end with the ultra but two laps later, I went wide at casino square lost again almost my whole front wing so I did have to pit again. The last laps were fighting for P9 with @Sean B and @ELIT3_gam3boy but in that fight I lost ( again....) almost my whole front wing because of my inconstant drive. With an atroucious pace, I finally lost those two place and ended up p10.

Not the race I wanted but again is Monaco ( with pad ) and this things happen.

See you at Canada!


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Aug 9, 2018
So first of all, the way the restart happened did come about a bit strange. I mean unless multiple people were in a chat together with mics, how'd they know the lag was a widespread issue and not just them? Usually, we'd finish the race and then find out about the problems, to then reschedule it for a later date. With that being said, it was the right decision though in this case. Just for the record in the lag race, I had terrible lag where I broke my wing first lap on the back of a teleporting car, and again a few laps later as cars were teleporting back and forth. So for me, the restart was definitely required, not to mention needed haha.

Anyway, this race was looking like a complete disaster this week until Saturday when I managed to change my driving style, which helped to stop every single compound of tyre from overheating. A good job too, as I'd have been even further behind the field! Even with my situation solved, I was still so slow! Haha.

Considering where I qualified, I guess saying my laps were crap would be pointing out the obvious haha! But yeah, on my second lap I messed up T1 but made time up at the end. My third lap where I was 6 tenths up got disrupted by @ELIT3_gam3boy as he crashed out at Tabac. So I had to lift to avoid his car which cost me a lot of time. Then on my final lap I was already 4 tenths down by Tabac, so I just completely threw the car around in the final sector and I have no idea how I didn't crash with all the sliding going on haha, but I actually made up time! I finished with a 1:10.505. So potentially I could have done about a 10.1 I think? Maybe slightly quicker but even so... I'd still have qualified in last place. I was so slow compared to everyone else.

Luckiest. Race. Ever!

Obviously it got restarted, where @Alex Shield did take his grid penalty this time, pushing me up a position. Not for long as he went around the outside at the start. Knowing I was slow I let him go so I could just run my race and see where I finished up. Then to my surprise an almighty pile up on the exit of T1! Thankfully I was able to slow in time and avoid damage! I eventually found my way through the carnage and the non ghosted cars to then pass very cautiously a few of those who got damage from the incident. By the end of Lap 1 with everyone pitting, I was up into P7! Now I was just focused on not overheating the tyres, getting to the end and hopefully grabbing some points!

My car did feel a bit strange though which made me think I had damage but nothing was showing. I also thought the fuel had glitched as it wasn't changing how I was expecting, so I did have to run in lean for a few laps at some point in the race. Anyway, Lap 10 @TheogGR1 caught me up and attempted a pass at the Nouvelle Chicane which I think I defended fairly? Regardless I knew how much slower I was and as said, I just wanted to get to the end of the race with no incidents. Maybe it's not a good mindset to have but being much slower than others, especially around Monaco is not a good combination and I didn't want any incidents because of it. So T1 I didn't put up a fight and braked earlier and gave him the inside line. Of course he pulled away, but eventually I caught up again which I was certain he must have either overheated his tyres or got damage. (Which confirms it after seeing his post), All the while having @VSR_Jake behind me who I was just managing to keep behind me. Knowing what I thought I knew at the time, I considered doing the undercut on TheOG but he pitted Lap 19. So I opted to stay out and pit on the planned Lap of 22 and hope he got stuck in traffic.

Which it would have worked too! I saw him coming down the start/finish straight and I was able to exit the pits ahead of him! Until I saw blue flags... I wondered what the hell? Thinking it was a glitch or something but nope, I didn't realise that @FTR_SergiMtZ was actually behind me! Sorry if I cost you some time, I didn't realise but once I did, I quickly let him go which unfortunately allowed @TheogGR1 to go through too! This put me down into P8 briefly until someone ahead pitted, giving me back P7. I was then barely holding off @TheMightyBucket-, I think thanks to me being on fresh Ultrasofts compared to his Supersofts. I think at some point he let his teammate @ELIT3_gam3boy through as I had him on my tail at one point. So now I was having to fend off both Red Bulls! Then Lap 30 arrived and I was able to breathe a little easier as I think EliteGameboy hit the barrier at the Nouvelle Chicane. Then Lap 34 something happened to TheMightyBucket at Mirabeau? (T5) Which again let me breathe a little easier. Not sure if something happened to @TheogGR1 towards the end as I was catching him up quickly again, but unfortunately due to being lapped, our race finished a lap earlier. So I finished in P7!

Sorry for the long post and thanks to anyone that reads it all, but what a hell of a lucky race! Coming from P17 to finish P7! I'll definitely take that! Long may these lucky points finishes continue! Haha!
I had a second a lap on you at one point, but couldn’t get past, then your teamnate caught up and between you two in such close proximity i got wing damage and ruined my race :)
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May 6, 2015
@99Pipmatt oh really? Makes sense I had to let the leader through I was wondering how I still managed to come out ahead haha

@APeeeX_EU don't worry mate I'm not blaming you at all, it's not your fault in the slightest - @99Pipmatt and you tried two wide through tabac/swimming pool section and I basically saw my demise there ahah