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PC Round 7 - British Grand Prix


GP2 Reserve Driver
Jul 4, 2015

God I'm glad to be rid of this track, knew my race pace would be much better than quali pace so just focused on getting a decent lap in. Don't really know what happened at turn 2 at the start, I remember having a Mclaren next to me then all of a sudden I get a tap and pushed out wide and a Williams/Force India have an incident so dunno what happened there aha.

All in all, surprised at how well I did really, wasn't expecting third (probably will be third, @Nukka deserves that second place) and even more surprised at how many points I've managed to get so far. Anyway, hope you all enjoy (bit longer this week because more action) and see you all in 2 weeks!
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1-time AOR PC Split 2 Champion
Oct 10, 2014
So, if you like many and clean battles and terrible strategys i think this highlightvideo is something above average!



Assetto Corsa Skin Creator
Jan 13, 2014
Completely bottled my qualifying. Invalidated all of my laps, except the last one, where I wasn't able to push as hard as I could.

Concerning the race. In the end a 5th place is more than expected, but if I had also nailed my final stop for full wets, a podium should've been possible I think. Enjoy the break and I'll hopefully see you in Hungary :)


Andrei Codreanu

F1 Senna Equivalent
Jun 12, 2014
Here is also my race video, which btw was awful. Tyre bug like Nukka in Qualifying, so I started on tyres that were 7-8 laps old, whereas later one some incidents with matt happened, so that was also the end of it.



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Jan 15, 2014
Just an update for you guys on somethings within the split.

1) @Dashima due to personal reasons has been forced to retire from the league, hopefully we can see him return next season with some more racing.
2) The results have been updated following the penalties being removed changes are as follows:
3) @Saiko due to not having a reason or giving notice will be removed from the league due to 3 races without notice.
4) @Liuzzi90 has got one final race before he will be removed due to unauthorised absences.

I will be talking to the reserve drivers on which car they would both like to take, but apart from that is everyone okay and hope you all enjoy the break week.

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